Breaking Down the Best Plays of the Buffalo Bills 2012 Season: Week Three

Photo by Joshua Gunter, The Plain Dealer

Photo by Joshua Gunter, The Plain Dealer

The Buffalo Bills 2012 season was rough to endure as a fan, but there were still many memorable moments. With over a month until training camp begins, we decided to go back and review the best play the Bills made in every game last year.

Week Three: Bryan Scott Game-Ending INT Seals Victory Vs. Cleveland Browns

Coming off of a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Buffalo Bills entered week three looking to capitalize and improve their record to 2-1 in an away game against the Cleveland Browns.

At the two-minute-warning in the fourth quarter, the Bills were leading 24-14. Brandon Weeden and the Browns were attempting a comeback from their own 32-yard line.

However, Bills’ linebacker Bryan Scott made a great play to intercept Weeden’s pass that was intended for tight end Ben Watson to ensure victory for Buffalo.

But how did it happen? Let’s turn to NFL.com’s All-22 feature to break down the play.


The Browns are lined up in a two-back shotgun formation with two wide receivers and two tight ends. Bryan Scott appears to be lined up as an inside linebacker, but is really playing the strong side, meaning he is responsible for Ben Watson, who motioned into the backfield (circled in red).


After the snap, Watson runs right through the “B” gap (the space between the center and the right guard) to a five-yard curl route. Scott sees the rookie quarterback’s eyes focused on Watson and uses his veteran instincts to stick with the tight end.


As soon as Weeden releases the ball, Scott breaks on it, positioning himself in front of Watson and utilizes his above average ball skills to intercept the pass. As you can see, he has a clear lane to take it in the opposite direction.



Following the interception and the lengthy return, Ryan Fitzpatrick kneeled three times, giving the Bills their second victory of the 2012 season.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Breaking Down The Best Plays of the Buffalo Bills 2012 Season when we review the game against the New England Patriots!

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