One Buffalo Doubleheader Means Bills Romp Was Just the Start

Photo of LeSean McCoy from buffalobills.com.

Photo of LeSean McCoy from buffalobills.com.

Football fans already get nothing done on a normal Sunday. With ‘skatepuck’ on afterward, the odometer spins backward. A Buffalo Bills and Sabres twin bill means supporters of both are somehow even less productive. On serendipitous days when two leagues inadvertently time it right, the schedule hits the jackpot.

It was probably a beautiful fall scene outdoors, but how would we know? The foliage would distract from monitoring defenses. There are precious sports moments inside, which means cherishing leaves is postponed. Available free moments are dedicated to idling while our favorite city’s sports idols sweat through October.

The Niners and Oilers were the victims of our sports dream coming true. Getting the Bills and Sabres playing during the same day’s lunch and dinner isn’t just fun on its own: it brings to mind thrilling concurrent moments from the past.

Personally, I have fond Buffalo memories from the whippersnapper era of watching the Bills and then going to the Aud for a Sunday evening clash. I didn’t get much homework done those days. But doing math problems on the bus Monday morning was a small price to pay for watching fun on the field and then ice.

The Ryans are part of a bigger sibling act. The Pegulas’ affinity for owning your favorites means Western New York’s franchises are officially united instead of classmates who vaguely recognize each other outside school.

Things are looking up in the hometown, which makes this a particularly sweet time for cautious optimism about teams, plural. Such faith hasn’t always been rewarded. But the story’s still unfolding.

Photo from www.irononsticker.com.

Photo from www.irononsticker.com.

Common ownership isn’t the only shared quality of two electric young clubs. Both teams in the area code enjoy a promising outlook. Geezer Buffalo fanatics have to dip pretty deeply into memory reserves to remember the last time that was true.

Injury setbacks aren’t ruining seasons as they have in the past. Those on present rosters are too confident to allow circumstances to bring them down. Don’t tell these players the transition to progress is supposed to drag.

It’s nice knowing other teams’ fans are tuning in for a glimpse of our side’s most dynamic force. Seeing LeSean McCoy’s knee bend like that without severe injury proves he’s a superhero. Averaging 7.4 yards would be a good total per reception; for a rushing average, it’s inconceivable.

Photo from buffalobills.com.

Photo from buffalobills.com.

His LeHat McTrick of touchdowns got the ample postgame attention it served.  Checking for the highlights of someone who did Buffalo proud during intermissions of the Edmonton game was the best use of a Sunday evening in awhile.

The quarterback is enjoying the compelling era while contributing to it. With “One Buffalo” Sunday in mind, Tyrod Taylor is reminiscent of Rasmus Ristolainen, or vice versa: both have the sorcerer’s ability to decelerate the game and play calmly while encircled by chaos. Poise is tough to measure, but easy to see. Buffalo will be lucky if both numbers 5 and 55 represent the city for their entire contracts.

The only struggle after a successful day for our sides is trying to remember how we passed the time during the summer. Was it by reading books or something?We’d do anything to kill the minutes until there were close to six hours of games on the weekend’s last day.

There’s just a football game this week, which will make the day feel barren by comparison. But at least the Bills are finally playing a team they hate. Getting wound up to face the Dolphins will help get back that ’90s feeling Shady’s helping recapture.

Photo from http://inside716.com/.

Photo from http://inside716.com/.

Swagger’s reemergence can’t be confirmed until the Bills consistently beat teams they hypothetically should with ease. But a season that hasn’t obeyed a script epitomizes how nothing should be taken for granted. Enjoy another result while waiting to see if the streak can be sustained.

Athletic sensory overload spurs recollections of pre-internet potential.  Remembering what used to be cool is appropriate as the Bills prepare to play in Hard Rock Stadium. For now, enjoy nostalgia from a few days ago when two games were just enough. On one day, everything went perfectly.

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