Thanksgiving couldn’t come at a better time

Photo from buffalobills.com.

Photo from buffalobills.com.

It’s been a rough November for Bills fans, and though that’s perpetually become a Thanksgiving tradition, this season seems rougher than most. The 5-5 Bills are exactly who we thought they were, an enigma that we’re still trying to figure out.

This team is about as predictable as November weather in Western New York. And when the Buffalo Sabres hockey team suffers from the same level of inconsistency, it seems like there’s no where to turn from an increasingly weird world we live in today.

Thankfully, we can be thankful we have Thanksgiving to remind us that eventually the darkness at 5 p.m. will end at some point, and the sun will come out and spring will renew us for another run at life. For Bills fans, it’s a great opportunity to share comfort food and connect with family and friends and live in a glorious moment of denial… before the rug is pulled out from our ridiculous fantasy that this might be the year we break the curse of Lake Erie.

Most of us have access to all sorts of comfort food and drink to anesthetize ourselves in front of our streaming devices for four days of non-stop football. Throw in a hockey game or two and it’s as good as it gets. If there happens to be bad weather throughout our self-imposed ‘sloth-fest’, all the better so we don’t waste a moment feeling guilty for not moving off the couch for almost 100 hours straight.

Photo from richjacobsfdn.com.

Photo from richjacobsfdn.com.

This year the desire to retreat into hibernation mode has been exacerbated by a political season that left most of us battered and bruised no matter what side of the equation we are on. Uncertainty abounds, but if we read letters written on Thanksgiving 200 years ago, they reflect similar concerns about the state of the world.

So it seems no matter what era we live in, there will be divisiveness and worries about the future. There will also be joy and suffering. But most of all there will also be things we can be thankful for, even if one of them is to be a fan of the most inconsistent and frustrating teams in professional sports.

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