Thank you, Rex Ryan

Photo from bostonglobe.com.

Photo from bostonglobe.com.

It’s taken a few days for the expected firing of Rex Ryan to sink in. Honestly, I’m not even sure I ever got used to the fact he was the Bills head coach in the first place. Throughout his entire time in Buffalo I felt significant cognitive dissonance seeing him on the sideline in Bills blue. Now he’s gone and I’m still trying to figure out what happened.

But that’s not what I want to focus on with today’s dose of wyotrash. Today I want to say thanks to Coach Ryan. Yes, thanks. Lost in the circus going on at One Bills Drive is any kind of proper closure. While the media (of which I readily admit I am now a minor player) dives into doing what they feel they must do to right the ship, I’m going to divert for a moment to simply appreciate what Rex Ryan did bring to Western New York.

Love him or hate him, Rex Ryan came to Buffalo with a full heart and every intention of making good on bringing the Bills out of their seemingly endless playoff-less abyss. He leaped into the community with both feet (lovingly:) and never looked back.

ORCHARD PARK, NY - JANUARY 14: Rex Ryan attends a press conference announcing his arrival as head coach of the Buffalo Bills on January 14, 2015 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 532314207 ORIG FILE ID: 461529036

ORCHARD PARK, NY – JANUARY 14: Rex Ryan attends a press conference announcing his arrival as head coach of the Buffalo Bills on January 14, 2015 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 532314207 ORIG FILE ID: 461529036

The truck, the Sabres season tickets, the way he embraced the WNY community should not be lost in the midst of the “dumpster fire” going on at One Bills Drive. Ryan didn’t accomplish what he had hoped… to be the “savior” and restore pride to a football team in disarray for going on two decades.

There’s little question that firing him was the right move. I agree with a recent article by Sal Capaccio outlining why Rex Ryan failed to get the Bills out of their playoff drought. I think Mr. Capaccio was exactly right about how much Rex loved the idea and the role of being a head coach but lacked the attention to detail and ability to manage multiple moving parts during games.

In fact, I mentioned during private conversations with friends for several months I thought Rex really looked like a guy who didn’t have his heart in it anymore. Always thought his comment when he was hired that the Bills head coaching job would be his last was an interesting tell.

Like Kyle Williams has said numerous times when asked about retirement and his plans… if you’re already thinking about it, maybe you’re already there.

Regardless of the trajectory about how the situation evolved, the bottom line is that Rex Ryan came to Buffalo with every intention of succeeding and gave it his all. He was definitely “all-in” on the community and did the best he could to succeed.

Photo from si.com.

Photo from si.com.

That he failed to do so is notable, for sure, but the circus of blame and shame going on right now is not only over the top, but leaves us all feeling empty and sad with little or no closure or hope for the future. The media must do their job, professional journalists with access to sources have the unenviable task of getting to the bottom of the problems at One Bills Drive and exposing them to the light of day. I applaud their tireless effort.

However, lost in the midst of this circus are the simple acts of kindness that civilized people extend to one another during times of crisis and change.

While the fecal storm rages on… as it should, I prefer to take a moment and simply say thank you to Rex Ryan and his family for putting forth his best effort to bring success to the Buffalo Bills. You can question his competence as a coach, but his vibrant personality and desire to bring a winning team to the community will never be forgotten by this fan.

Thank you, Rex Ryan. May you be blessed with health and happiness wherever life takes you.

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10 thoughts on “Thank you, Rex Ryan

  1. he may have not been successful in this coaching gig, but he was fun to listen too while we lost. Thanks Rex and Rob.

    Sadly, the problems is and has been for a long time, in the big offices at OBD. Until the owners break out the big broom, we will yet again find ourselves with a puppet coach, as the current GM placates his ego.

    Her goes another couple seasons into the abyss….

  2. classless….i am so embarrassed for our city that OBD could not have at least recognized his love for the team and players and city and fans.
    and just let go with no class….

    • He loved it because that’s what he was paid for.

      Have you not seen all the commercials? You think he just did that out of his love for Buffalo, NY? No, he was paid to love Buffalo, NY.

      Good lord people, he’s a football coach…a bad one at that, he’s more like a WWE character.

  3. Great obit, loved the relevance he brought after so many years of dull, personality-less coaches. As a 30 year season ticket holder I think the Bills have more problems than Rex. Sorry to see him go.

    • Relevance????????

      Lmfao, we are totally irrelevant and a laughingstock.

      You know who’s relevant? Teams that win.

  4. Just more evidence that civility is dead. We showed no class in the way it was handled.
    Yes he screwed up royally. His lack of attention to detail was obvious but he did jump in with both feet. Maybe not successful but leave the man some dignity. He deserves that at the very least.

  5. good obit on his tenure here. I know i’m probably in the minority but i don’t think what ails this team was his fault. He contributed as have coaching staffs of the past, but his involvement in the Bills collapsing is kind of minimal if we were to look closely at the front office.

    I have to agree with Laurie that unless the front office is changed, we’re in for more of the same sort of thing no matter which coach is brought in.

  6. What, all self serving. Look at me. Buy tires. Buy food from topps. No thanks. Fakes and arrogant as you get. A side show clown. A carney.

  7. Oh, please. He’s a showman, he did what he had to do to fit in and sell hope in himself and his team.

    All he did was come here and ruin a very good defense.

    You people are soft, like the team.