Deeper changes needed at One Bills Drive

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Every regional and national sports reporter, along with every sports analyst on every sports network keep talking about what has been going on with the Buffalo Bills this past week. And in each case, it’s about what the head coach or general manager needs to do to “fix” whatever the problem seems to be.

And with each report and analysis, no one ever bothers to attempt to find where the problems may or may not exist within the organization to see if the problems are much deeper than what appears on the outside.

The following will list two front office personnel with their names, title, and my take on why I feel they should or should not be involved in some decisions being made within the organization.

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Russ Brandon-President and Managing Partner:

Joined the Bills in November, 1997 as Executive Director of business development and marketing. Responsibilities also extended to working on the draft and free agency.

My take: Everyone, including myself, has to admit that Brandon has done a fantastic job of marketing the Bills. One only has to look at social media and see that their fan base runs worldwide.

The problem here is why on earth would a marketing guy have anything to do with the draft and free agency. If he has any say at all, even informally, it needs to STOP. Right now.

A players marketability, whether a draftee or veteran free agent, has to do with what they do on the field, and the good they do off the field.

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Doug Whaley-General Manager:

Joined the Bills in 2010, first as Assistant GM/Director of Pro Personnel,
then Assistant GM/Director of Player Personnel. Promoted to GM in 2013.

My Take: Whaley has been good at bringing in/ trading for veterans that know how to light it up on the field (McCoy). Drafting good players is, well, not his strong suit (Manuel-it’s said that Nix is responsible for this pick).

I am only guessing, but if you pay attention to the pressers, it appears that
he is trying to control who plays, and who doesn’t. Case in point, EJ Manuel. Whaley’s choice.

Only guessing, but it has to be that either Whaley is trying to prove himself right, or for trade value. If he is trying to prove himself right, he will fail. And look bad doing it. If he’s doing it for trade value, he didn’t succeed there either. Manuel played a terrible game against the Jets on Sunday, proving his four year experiment was a failure.

There is a power struggle going on within the Buffalo Bills. All fingers are pointing to Brandon and Whaley. And there are only two people who can stop it before this organization completely implodes.

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If Terry and Kim Pegula prefer to keep Brandon and Whaley, then there
are three things they can do to solve at least half of the problems going on.

Demote Brandon to Vice-President, Marketing. Bring in a true football “guy” as President of football operations to oversee the GM, coaching and player personnel, including college scouts that actually know what to look for when evaluating talent.

Tell Whaley that after the draft, he is to stay away from trying to tell the next Head Coach how to do his job. Unfortunately, for now, that will not be happening. Bills fans, no matter where they are, will have to endure, for better or worse, whatever happens in the near future.

We can only hope and pray for the best.

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