Appreciating What the Buffalo Bills Have With Tyrod Taylor

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Tyrod Taylor made the mistake of being born too late.  Instant isn’t fast enough in the Twitter era.  Getting approximately zero seconds to play through normal struggles this soon into his career reflects our frenzied desire for change faster than satellites can update our pocket computers.  As for on-field pockets, their instantaneous collapses trained him for light-speed criticism.  But some things take time.

He’s got some nerve doing as told.  Taylor has amassed low passing totals because that’s what coaches have requested. If management wants him to throw more often, they could upgrade personnel.  The man behind center shouldn’t have to ask for help.

External factors have hindered an internally-motivated quarterback.  Like so many Buffalo Bills since 2000, he deserves an experiment under uncontaminated circumstances.  Letting him go now would be like like firing Ted Nolan after telling him to tank.  Actually, that’s what these owners did with their other franchise, which is a lesson to never obey the boss.  Like so many things with Buffalo sports, the repair self-perpetuates.

Frustrated fanbases often indulge the urge to chase players out of town, and not exactly because the competitors might be cursed and ruin our hot streak.  Some backers have rejected the most capable starter in recent memory like he was Andre the Giant turning heel.

But let a promising guy have sufficient chances before deciding to hate his guts.  We’re supposed to wait until they’ve used up their talents before thanklessly gesturing toward the locker room exit.  Taylor will be 28 in August and still only be up to 29 starts.  He’d have ample seasons to protect the ball for another franchise if you think it’s aggravating cheering for this team now.

Aug 20, 2015; Cleveland, OH, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor (5) drops back to pass during the game against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Even casual nerds know it’s easier to replace a red-shirted ensign than Captain Kirk.  Reclaiming Taylor’s locker would create the most significant hole on a team with much already to plug.

For one, upgrading wideouts would be a huge help to the man targeting them.  It’s not a slam against Justin Hunter, Walt Powell, and Brandon Tate to note quality depth players should be expected to shoulder less of the burden.

It’s easier to add catchers than throwers.  Now, have the Bills learned that?  This’ll only be the 58th season, so give them time.

Perhaps Taylor missed open receivers because he was running for his life.  Get better at blocking to give him a fairer test.  Oh, and it would also help win games.  The front office should lean toward drafting offensive linemen early to guard the resources they already possess.  A focus on shoving foes would also help LeSean McCoy.  You may know him as the all-world time-stopper who’s about to pass Marshawn Lynch for 37th all-time in rushing.

It’s easy to think a new partner will fix everything.  But the result here in reality is often a crummy new relationship that ironically creates longing for what was discarded.  The quest for something better without appreciating what’s already there is like someone married maintaining a Tinder account.  Those always looking for someone better should be happy with the talent already under contract.

We already have to hope a new coach knows how to do it right.  The Bills should be wary of also starting over at quarterback with someone unknown, or, possibly worse, someone known.  Feel free to think, say, Tony Romo will write a fairy tale that doesn’t end with him declining for a second franchise.   Sure, he’ll be 37 by opening day and will also still be Tony Romo.  But that jersey would sure be fun to wear this summer.

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A new manager should recognize inherited talent.  Taylor has played well enough for new coach Sean McDermott to call for his retention.  Sure, the quarterback has had tough moments that reflect the franchise’s state.  But it’s tricky for the captain to change course midway down the waterfall.  Hie meager arsenal didn’t help any more than did a defense that was as baffling as Rob Ryan’s employment was genetic.

After two seasons, going with the intermittently spotty Taylor would still be a significant risk.  But that’s as much a reflection of his employer as it is him.  He’s not fully proven he’s the answer, which sadly embodies the present Bills.  Many fans who have involuntarily learned to be patient are making a rash judgment on a promising quarterback, which is like giving up on Breaking Bad before seeing if Walter White succeeds as a candy maker.

It’s as hard to find talented quarterbacks as it is for someone other than the dang Patriots to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.  There are only 32 in the world who can start, and a lot of those don’t seem very good.  Taylor hasn’t been asked to pass that often.  And he may never get the chance if the Bills try to beat traffic instead of staying until the end.  They’ll let him develop, but not until after he’s made the playoffs.

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2 thoughts on “Appreciating What the Buffalo Bills Have With Tyrod Taylor

  1. Everybody and their brother knows that Taylor needs to stay. If anyone should be let go, it should be Doug. We need Tony Room like we needed Drew Bledsowe. So help me God, if Tony Room is our QB, it will be the final straw for me. I already have my cowboys bandwagon application form filled out and ready to send. As a Bills fan it breaks my heart, but better that than Room.