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First of all, thanks to everyone who responded to our invitation to participate in our community blog. We’re just launching, so here’s the details about how to participate. My goal for the blog is to open it up to anyone who wants to share their point of view about the Buffalo Bills.

So, let’s get started!

Our first commentary is from Stephen Hicks. He shares his thoughts about whether or not the Bills should keep Tyrod Taylor.

PLEASE Buffalo, keep Tyrod Taylor. I’ve only been watching football for 17 years, a bills fan for that long as well. If you can recall, 17 years ago was the last time Buffalo made it to the playoffs.

I sadly missed that season as a Bills fan, and have been suffering ever since. I’ve never questioned it; I’m from a small town near Canandaigua New York, about an hour from Buffalo.

I chose this team because it represents where I’m from, and ultimately who I am. In all my years cheering for this seemingly hopeless and cursed team, I haven’t felt this hopeful in a very long time. Tyrod is the kind of quarterback I see leading my team.

He’s multi-talented, young, and above all, committed to this god forsaken team for reasons I cannot grasp. So when Jim Kelly stated, he’s not a franchise quarterback I thought; who else in the league would I rather see under center?

Certainly not a first round draft pick, this would only mean more years for development, more playoffs missed, more coaches fired. With this outstanding choice of coaching staff (seriously good job Whaley), I think Tyrod proved he deserves a third year.

Year one with him was great, yeah we still missed it but I can’t remember the last time we finished 8-8. Year two I counted out from the start, good lord the injury bug was an understatement. Several free agent stars were born, but none in the receiving core; so it’s no wonder he didn’t pass much.

Given the run heavy approach for both seasons, and it’s evident results, it’s clear that we need a pass oriented offense with that terrifying McCoy option. Lets try that out for a season, and then talk about my guy’s passing numbers.

Thanks so much for your commentary, Stephen. I couldn’t agree with you more about keeping Taylor. We can debate the issue until the moon turns to cheese, but the bottom line is the Bills have no other better option for 2017 at this time.

Next up, “The Duke of Blasdell” Joseph Best brings up a subject many season ticket holders are wrestling with this year… whether or not to buy season tickets again.

Great idea with the community Blog!!! With that said  as a frustrated Bills fan i am on the fence on renewing my season tickets next year. Im sure many fans feel the same way. I still haven’t figured out what direction this team is taking and its driving me crazy. In fact 3 of my friends and their wives have talked about splitting tickets for the Sabres for next year instead of Bills tickets  which would give us 10 games each and be about the same price if not cheaper. I never thought i would say that but its possible. Im just sick and tired of the incompetence at one bills drive and being 47 years old I know the difference from the Good Bills and The Bad Bills. Thanks for letting me Vent!!!!

First off, you’re more than welcome and thanks for your comments here Joseph. I’m pretty sure you’re not alone in your thinking about buying season tickets for the Bills in 2017. It will be very interesting to see if there is a drop-off in numbers after another excruciating coaching change.

Let us hear from you! If you want to submit an article or just vent about the Buffalo Bills, send me what you’d like to share with our BillsMafia community. The email address where you can reach me:


Throw that email address in your contact list, and send me your thoughts/articles anytime you feel like addressing the BillsMafia community. Let your voice be heard by contributing to our blog and making it truly an interactive resource for all who wish to participate. Thanks!

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