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And We’re Off to the Off-Season…Again!

By @BillsMafiaSarah

To my dear Buffalo Bills and #BillsMafia, we need to have a talk. Come on over Champ, sit down for a minute. 2016 was a really, really hard year for many of us, personally and as a FAMbase. A Christmas Eve playoff elimination by the Dolphins to cement a 17 year playoff drought… something inside of me broke. We can wish and hope all we want, and we almost have a playoff team…ALMOST.

One Bills Drive – we all have many opinions on the problems from One Bills Drive. I agree that the problems from the top down are glaringly visible especially under the national spotlight.

The City of Buffalo and our Bills have not taken a national verbal beating like that since 1993. I remember. It was painful then, it’s just as strikingly painful now.  

Watching how some of our players (FRED JACKSON) have been just thrown away after sacrificing their entire careers & bodies for us was personally disgusting and needs to be handled so much better.  

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If we’re going to burn it down, burn it to the ground and start over.  Anyone who has been in that building since 1999/2000 needs to go. If you’ve been here the whole drought, you are not doing your job. I’m talking everyone from the top down, including contract negotiators, scouting, coaching, players performing, Billy the Buffalo, everyone… we’ve seen it all. Times change, it’s time for OBD to catch up.  

Side note to the Pegulas – thank you, thank you, thank you for buying our teams and keeping them here. I am forever grateful. However, I am also not a sucker. Brandon/Whaley, whatever the problem is over there (lets just say both), needs to be fixed.

I know 17 years isn’t on you, but Russ (Brandon) has been there the whole time. If you inherited 15 years, you knew what we need and expect. Shaking it off and saying it’s only been 2 years is an insult to all of us sitting here watching our entire lives away.  I will continue to support my team from home, but not a cent more will be spent until we see some progress. I love you, but this is an intervention – hire a Czar, clean house, fumigate…This is NOT fine.

#BillsMafia – I love you, and am proud (most of the time) to be a part of the best Fambase in the NFL. Honestly, no one calls Bills fans Band Wagoners, we are the toughest of the tough. Now let’s talk…

This QB Controversy – STOP IT! There isn’t one. WE (own it) & the media (local & national) are constantly debating it & are adding to our own whirlwind.

Aug 14, 2015; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor (5) runs with the ball as Carolina Panthers defensive back Colin Jones (42) pursues during the first half at a preseason NFL football game at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Tyrod, and he is the best option, period. Cardale is being groomed. I’m so tired of hearing re-tread aging “names” thrown around because they were a “name” out of college… it takes roughly 3-4 seasons for a QB to develop from college level & pace to the NFL. Very rare to find a diamond already polished, so it’s gonna take time. Pipe down on that, ya draft experts.

Romo had 2 back surgeries already and will break it again if he hits frozen Buffalo turf, lets be realistic here. Then who’s his back-up…?

If Cousins was so good his name wouldn’t be thrown around every season.

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