BillsWire: Tyrod Taylor excited about Rick Dennison’s ‘player friendly’ offense

Photo of Tyrod Taylor from buffalonews.com.

Off season workouts began on Monday at One Bills Drive and there was no shortage of excitement for players and coaches as they enter yet another coaching change under new head coach Sean McDermott. Taylor met with the media after the workout session and had some interesting comments about implementing a new scheme under offensive coordinator Rick Dennison.

Here are some of the highlights from Taylor’s comments from BillsWire. Click the link below for article…

Aggressive change has Tyrod Taylor, key Bills seeing a fresh approach

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40 thoughts on “BillsWire: Tyrod Taylor excited about Rick Dennison’s ‘player friendly’ offense

  1. Thanks for the article Robyn! So far, McDermott is saying and doing all the right things. After 17 years of hearing similar rhetoric from previous Bills coaches, it’s hard to get excited about the “new coach” and this year’s Bills. Like every coach before him, I’ll give McDermott a shot and hope for the best.

    • Hi Steve! Completely understand your reticence about Coach McDermott. Probably the funniest and most accurate description of Bills fans was made by Steve Tasker recently on the John Murphy Show. Tasker said “Bills fans are made up of 90% scar tissue by now”… so true! Thanks for reading and I hope to see more comments coming from you in the future. Have a great day :)

      • Thanks Robyn! That’s a great quote from Steve Tasker and I agree, very true.

        I’m one of seven remaining from the old RF365 site. I sent everyone in our group the link to this website, so you should be seeing comments coming regularly. One thing I noticed on this site is that there are new articles that come out weekly, so that makes it nice to have fresh Bills topics to talk about. Also, with our group, we like to discuss a wide variety of topics, so hopefully no one will mind that. We had a rough experience on twobillsdrive.com and don’t plan on going back there.

        I saw on your bio that you live in Wyoming. I was in Wyoming once when I visited Yellowstone back in 2013 (came in through the West Yellowstone entrance in Montana). I had a great time there and would love to go back, as well as see the Grand Teton’s a lot closer.

  2. I’m curious to see if the Bills will draft a WR and/or TE early in the draft? My gut feeling is CB or LB, but it would be nice to the Bills give TT more help in the passing game.

    • It’s a situation where it seems like there are so many needs they can hardly go wrong. I’m with you on the TE comment. Charles Clay is literally on his last leg. Having to get his knee drained periodically throughout the season last year suggests he will be only of limited value moving forward.

  3. To add on to my last post, Watkins hasn’t been durable so far, so it’s another reason why the Bills should draft a WR early. Clay is a good TE, but not great. It would be nice to see the Bills have another passing catching TE that can get open in the middle of the field.

    • Indeed, you’re certainly right about Sammy’s fragility. I hope this second surgery will have fixed the problem with his foot, but if there is still metal hardware in his foot (intermedullary screw fixation) I’m suspicious. The amount of torque on an NFL WR foot makes me wonder about the wisdom of using metal hardware. I guess we’ll find out this season. Thanks again for commenting. Keep them coming!

  4. Good morning…

    Thanks Robyn, you will see get to know a few of us as we are stragglers from a site long long ago called RF365. We met there years ago and continue hang together looking for the ultimate site that we interconnect…

    TT is acceptable as he is still learning, will he ever be elite it is highly doubtful but how many QB’s are. He is alot better then many out there, the Bills put up 26 points a game and as we know the defense was horrible… The 1-5 division record doomed the Bills to another playoff no-show!

    The draft will be tricky as the Bills only have 6 picks and I can see them trading down to acquire another pick or 2. If they stay at 10, a highly rated DB or a WR should be there as there is always a surprise in the top 10 and some player will fall.

    • Hi Goose!

      I hope you’ll consider our site a great place to interconnect. I’ve been hoping for a long time that we might get more people to comment on articles and make the site more interactive with fans. I also have an ongoing series “Bills Fans Across The Twitterverse” featuring fan stories and always looking for people to share their story with us. Please spread the word because they are my very favorite stories to publish. You can reach me by Direct Message on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO or email at robynmundywyo@gmail.com for details :) Welcome to our blog!

  5. i saw a glimmer of hope in the way taylor played in some games last year. while he nay never be an elite qb, i dont believe he has reached his ceiling either. the bills made the right decision to keep him around for a while.

    • Hi Tony! Thanks for your comments here. Completely agree w/you about Taylor. Without him I think the Bills would be fortunate to go 4-12 this season. While he may not have the pedigree of a QB like Andrew Luck, I don’t think there’s a more dedicated professional than Tyrod Taylor. I also agree he has not reached his ceiling yet, and think it would have been a terrible mistake to let him go.

      • .I disagree. I mean who would’ve knew Dak Prescott who was a 7th round pick would accomplish what he did? No one. So imo if the right coach and right o line is in place. For example E. Elliot a rookie running back. Bills have McCoy. Dallas O. Line. Bills have theirs. Receivers we have Sammy. Clay. They have theirs. Pretty much my point is no one has any clue what a guy can do with a good coach and a great o line and running back receiving core etc. No one.

    • I agree Tony. The things I like about Taylor is his mobility. A lot of times last year when it seemed like he was going to get sacked, he’d make a move, avoid the sack and make a play. Between that and how few times he turns the ball over are his best qualities. It would be nice to see him keep improving on his passing skills on the short to intermediate routes (we all know he can throw the deep ball).

  6. I kinda wish they’d not even reach 4 wins and hope next year’s class of rookie QBs is legit. It’s funny how not watching a guy for a couple months makes us forget how mediocre he is. Tyrod is the perfect neutral…at least until there’s 5 minutes to go in a game and the team is on his back…then he’s sub par. I think with him they’ll be lucky to win 8 games this year (tough schedule and more holes)…in which case I’d rather win 2 and get the top pick. Hopefully I’ll be wrong. The only hope I hold on to is the system holding TT back with the over-conservative approach being the reason he wouldn’t throw a receiver open, but rather the guy would have to be stopped and open or coming back to the ball for TT to be allowed to throw it to him…other than the occasional bomb, which even that was much less frequent. But it’s hard for me to put too much faith in that being the case because I think Roman was trying to open the offense up to Taylor and he simply couldn’t handle it and it got him fired a whole 2 games in.

    I also must think a lot higher of Charles Clay than most it seems. I don’t think he’s amazing, but he seems to be open all the time and TT just doesn’t throw him the ball. He might always be open for that reason, because TT never throws it his way, but until he’s either regularly covered or not making plays while getting chances, I gotta put that on Tyrod.

    • If Taylor cannot get the Bills past eight or nine wins, then I would want to see the Bills move on from him. You’re right Joma, Taylor has shown more times than not that he cannot lead the team to a win when they are behind in the 4th quarter.

      While no Bills fan likes seeing the team miss the playoffs year after year, but if it takes the team to have a terrible record for them to draft a very good/elite prospect of a QB at the top of the draft (when there are one’s available in the draft that year), then I’d rather see the Bills do that. With playing against Brady twice a year, not only do you need to have a good defense, you also need a very good QB that can put points on the Patriots.

      • Prescott. 7th rounder. Coaching matters. Same with drafting. Now a days a guy like R. Wilson who the Bills should have drafted can go to super bowls. 7th rounders lie Prescott can go as far as a championship game. People imo just talk like they know everything but do not have a clue.

        • Goomzy, welcome to the club! Prescott was actually a 4th rounder. It’s rumored Whaley wanted to draft him, but the Bills gave up their 4th round pick to move up to get Ragland.
          Prescott is in a good situation in Dallas as he is behind a great O-line. Same can be said with Derek Carr in Oakland/Las Vegas. The
          Bills should start copying that blueprint and get build a brick wall of an offensive line. Also, they need to draft more QB’s than they have. Since Kelly retired, the Bills have only drafted five QB’s.

        • Goomzy,

          To follow up from my post last night, lower round QB’s pan out much less frequently than higher round players. Granted, there are busts in rounds one and two, but if a team has good scouts and a decent GM, they should be able to have a clue if a player has potential or not. If guys the caliber of Wilson and Prescott are always available in the lower rounds of the draft, then a lot more teams would have franchise QB’s. Teams that drafted Brady, Wilson and Prescott got lucky. If Bledsoe didn’t get hurt, who knows how long Brady would have been on the Patriots. If you think that’s far-fetched, look at where Brady was selected at. He was the 199th pick in the sixth round (actually it was a compensatory pick). The Seahawks traded for Matt Flynn and was expected to be the starter, but Wilson beat him out. The knock on Wilson was that he was too short. Prescott became the starter once Romo went down. If you look at the number of franchise QB’s and where they were drafted at, a majority of them were taken in the top two rounds. Another examples are the Bucs and the Titans. Those two teams sucked and were able to draft the two best QB’s that year, Winston and Mariota. Now, those two teams are both improving and finished 9-7 last season. The Panthers sucked and finished 1-15. They were able to draft Cam Newton and he took them to the Superbowl. Look at what Peyton Manning did for Indy. Indy was the worst team in the league when the Colts drafted him in 1998.

          As I said earlier, if Taylor doesn’t workout, I’d rather see the Bills suck for a year or two they way they can draft a very good QB at the top of the draft. With playing against the best coach [Belichek] and best QB [Brady] in the league twice a year, you need an elite QB to put points on the Patriots. For every Russell Wilson, there’s a Trent Edwards, Ryan Mallett, Colt McCoy, and Kevin O’Connell. For every Dak Prescott, there’s a Matt Barkley, Ryan Nassib, Mike Kafka and Stephen McGee.

    • The underutilization of Clay troubled me as well last year. But what troubled me more is reading that he’s still getting his knee drained periodically :(

      • I’d be more concerned if he was missing time as a result. I think the only game he missed was due to the birth of his kid? That could have also been in large part due to Club Wrecks where half the players got Wednesday off practice…so Clay might have just been listed as part of the vacation benefits package.

        Is there an easy way to see that a reply has been made and where? It’s hard to find new posts that aren’t at the bottom of the page. My vote might not count for much, but I’d vote to just reply at the bottom with some quotes or something referencing what one is responding to…

  7. which is exactly why the bills need to draft an impact WR or TE with the first pick (along with the fact that they do not have a true NFL starter at the no. 2 WR spot and that if sammy plays 16 it will be a minor miracle).
    tyrod desperately needs receivers that can get separation from NFL defensive backs and make catches in a large radius.
    if they blow the first pick on a QB that will be on the bench a year or two I will not be happy. has anyone seen mahomes throwing motion? he makes tim tebow (no offense) look like joe montanna.
    ps- thanks for finding this site! (steve?) looks like a winner.

      • Hi All,

        Thanks for finding us. Been trying to get people interactive here & delighted to have your dialogue. Great observations regarding Tyrod Taylor… there are definitely flaws to his game, but I just didn’t see any better option out there. Also hope with more stability on offense with Dennison, the offense as a whole will function better. Question for all of you… what are your thoughts about the Bills OL? Of course RT is a huge issue… but outside that issue… is there anyone else you would consider moving or replacing?

        • I would consider RG John Miller. I don’t know if it’s the case because RT Jordan Mills was bad, but Miller was terrible last season at pass protection. While the O-line has been great at run blocking, pulling and opening holes for the run game, it lacked in pass protection.

  8. My biggest concern with the Bills O-line might be age. Incognito is probably reaching the end of the line and Wood might not be too far behind him. I suppose Groy stepping up last year was a good sign, though. But they already need a RT and should also be looking for a replacement at guard.

    I more or less agree that there probably wasn’t anyone better than Tyrod available, but if the best you’re realistically looking at is 8-8, why are you not just rebuilding instead? Unless they pull a great QB out of their back side real quick here, I think a rebuild is inevitably coming in the not too distant future. I’d rather just get it over with sooner than later, especially when next year’s QB class is supposedly looking strong.

    • With the 17 year playoff drought hanging over Bills fans heads, almost no one wants to hear the word “rebuild.” It’s like making the playoffs is the holy grail and it will solve all problems. Just making it to the playoffs is a lame goal. If the Bills want to be a championship caliber team and not just a “playoff” team, then they need to build this thing the right way and that’s to rebuild. Enough of the Prescott, Wilson crap as that seems to be the flavor with some fans…Oh, this guy was a 3rd rounder, this guy was a 4th rounder…if that was the case, then all 32 teams would have good starting QB’s. Bills sucked in the mid 80’s and looked what happened, they rebuilt the right way and became a powerhouse. A few years of being a crap team for 10 to 15 years of glory is definitely worth it! Suffer now, reap the rewards later, it’s not rocket science.

  9. Just saw your QB posts above, Steve, and agree 100%. You’re right, the Bills were said to be interested in Prescott but traded away their 4th rounder to move up for Ragland (a move that’s really paying off so far as he got hurt last year and doesn’t appear to be a great fit for McD’s system…not to mention might have still been available at the spot they were at!) but they also had a compensatory 4th rounder…but it was like 2 spots after Dallas’ pick.

    If the Bills want to get lucky and have a chance at tripping over a franchise QB in the mid or later rounds of the draft, though…then they kind of have to start picking them regularly…and then not be afraid to start them ahead of the mediocre incumbent when they show promise in camp. Otherwise they should put themselves in better position to draft a blue-chipper at the top of the draft and skip fielding sub-mediocre teams that win 6 or 7, and once in a while 8 games, every year. But they dang sure should be doing one or the other.

    • Agree 100% Winning between 6 and 8 games a year puts the Bills between 8 and 13 on average in the draft order and that’s not good enough to get an elite QB. They need to be able to draft at 1 or 2 when there are elite prospect QB’s in the draft. I agree that they should take one approach or another, draft a QB every year in the lower rounds until one pans out, or be a bad team, get to the top of the draft and draft a QB at the top of the draft.

  10. Good morning…

    I know the talk is of a WR of DB but the Bills better start thinking about retooling the lines… the O-line has some age and needs a RT and the D-line has K. Williams one foot to the retirement age and who knows with Dareus–will he get into more trouble, respond to McD or has he peaked already…

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Lawson and Ragland play this year as it will be like having a couple of high extra draft picks…

    Robyn thanks for the articles !!!

  11. It’s great having a site we can go to, thanks Robyn. The Bills signed 8 free agents today and looked at QB TJ Yates today. Who knows he could be our backup this year.

    No more camp Rex this year which is a good thing. I have to say I’m a lot more excited with the new coaching staff than with the inept Rex and the rest.

  12. Good morning….

    Is there a day when a new article gets posted so we can keep an eye out to swing over to it?

    • Unfortunately, no. Generally this time of year we have 3-4 new articles/week, but this is done on a volunteer basis so we work around an author’s availability. My suggestion is to bookmark the blog site : http://buffalofambase.org/ … this will bring you to the home page for the blog… the newest articles appear on top. Hope that helps. Love having you here commenting on articles & the discussions are superb!

      Thanks. I’ll try my best to get things to work for you.

  13. Ok I was just thinking (that’s a feat in itself) IF all the QBs are ther at 10 do we go for one? That means tubultsky (bad spelling) , Watson, kizer or Mahomes.

  14. Good morning…

    This draft reminds me of the 2011 draft of QB’s. There was Cam Newton taken #1 overall and then teams got desperate and took QB’s that had 2nd rd and lower ratings in the 1st rd.

    There was Jake Locker # 8 by the Titans, Blaine Gabbert # 10 by the Jags and Chris Ponder # 12 by the Vikings—-OUCH!!!
    Dalton and Kaepernick taken in round 2…

    Our own Tyrod Taylor taken in round 6 by the Ravens!!

    The QB’s coming out this year all have big question marks. If one should fall to round 2 or 3 then take a chance but @ 10 the Bills need a player that can step in immediately whether it is a WR, DB or Lineman etc.

    • goose,

      i agree about the QBs. Most likely the top 4 QBs will be off the board in round one because teams want the 5th year option on QBs, especially on project QBs, so it is worth it to reach and roll the dice.
      unfortunately the bills need an impact player at 10, not a project IMHO.
      see you up at the newest articles- this site is fast paced!