New Buffalo Bills Venue Cost of Doing Business for Pegulas

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Extorting taxpayers is an NFL tradition like teams everyone hates in the Super Bowl or not knowing what a catch is.  The league should be happy to pay for stadiums if they’re such good deals.  But they’d rather bill governments, which is savvy in the same way as the Patriots recording and deflating.  Scare fans about moving a third team to Los Angeles in order to get the best deal.

Buffalo could resist a trend for something other than playoff droughts.  The Pegulas financing their own stadium would show there really is a new boss.

There’s no need to call local movers yet.  Recent speculation about stadiums replacement spurred by franchise free agency is a bit too frenzied.  The present lease length means they’ll likely be in old New Era Field for awhile.

But they should look forward to making their own renovations on their property.  Improving profitability is the joy of being a franchise owner.  People who can afford so many action figures can also cough up enough for a Darth Vader case.

The Pegulas know the value of an investment like nobody else in Western New York.  Another example would be tremendous.  The next stadium could host concerts and conventions to complement hockey tournaments already held within their properties.  Oh: their football team could play there, too.

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They have every right to make every dollar they can from yet another venue.  It’s just they should have to put up building costs.  Otherwise, the bill goes to those who neither own a football club nor would be able to afford one if interested.

A stadium within Buffalo’s city limits would be valuable to the community, which is precisely why it should be funded voluntarily.  We should address recreational expenses by choice as a reflection of what we enjoy.  By contrast, funding schemes funneled through the county or state allegedly help the economy by draining it first.  Albany doesn’t strike me as an efficient place.

Citing the alleged assistance to the area of a new coliseum disregards the initial cost.  Never mind that any truly popular team shouldn’t struggle to raise scratch for a new joint.  Think of what the money could bankroll otherwise.  Tax revenue could go to other things like police and schools. Or, those who think funding is already sufficient could advocate for the money to stay with who made it: government could collect less and let earners fuel their own boom.

Development is as hard to find as a Trent Edwards playoff win.  Orchard Park should be more than a quiet suburb thanks to hosting a county-owned facility for decades.  It’s still a nice place to raise a family.

The wealthiest among us demand handouts to fund sports.  It happens all over.  Take my present city.  Ten figures of taxpayer money went to Yankee Stadium, which is more useful as a subway stop than a sports venue.  But even those who loathe its tenant contributed.

For the price, the Bronx neighborhood should be one of the most thriving economic zones on Earth.  The Bronx neighborhood is not one of the most thriving economic zones on Earth.  The borough’s Hard Rock Cafe doesn’t change that.  There is a Twin Donut, a couple sports-themed bars and souvenir shops, and a McDonald’s that’s chaotic even by New York City standards nearby.  None of those justify the coerced investment.  Of course, the poor Yankees couldn’t have stayed in business without handouts.

Like paying Tyrod Taylor because he could be the rare good Bills quarterback, Terry and Kim should think of a new barn as an investment.  There’s far less risk than in personnel.  Adulthood is about paying one’s way instead of treating New York State like a parent.  These kids should not ask for an allowance bump after bringing home a good report card but instead go out and making enough to buy their own things.

The Pegulas could set up a fund for anyone who wanted to help.  The price will be printed on the tickets.  They would be free to charge more.  I know it’s not fun to pay full value, but it’s only fair.  That’s not to mention that lower taxes free up earnings for personal entertainment.  Games would be worth the price if the franchise became more attractive to free agents thanks to swanky new digs.  The owners’ reward would be getting to keep what’s earned.  We know them to be conscientious business owners, and they’d deserve every buck they’d get.

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If nothing else, there’s more than one reasonable approach.  Thinking the club should fund their own building is not anti-Bills.  To the contrary, private financing and ownership would ensure the venue gets used to its fullest.  Note how much business the owners brought in by creating the HarborCenter for an example.  Nobody expected non-billionaires to contribute to their hotel and restaurant building costs.  Notably, Buffalo’s First Couple helped the community by doing what was good for them.

Erie County can help indirectly by removing barriers to development.  The alleged need for corporate welfare diminishes along with the Rath Building’s shadow.  A new field would help the area.  So does Wegmans, but they shouldn’t expect anyone but their customers to pitch in.  If it’s important to us, that’s the best reason to make it happen without raising the sales tax yet again.

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3 thoughts on “New Buffalo Bills Venue Cost of Doing Business for Pegulas

  1. Thanks for the article Anthony! I agree, the NFL is becoming more greedier. They make $9B+ in revenue every year and they keep wanting more and more. It seems the NFL standard is to have a team build a new stadium every 20 to 30 years. Just doing improvements and upgrades is not good enough for the NFL.

    I also agree that the owners and the NFL should pay 100% for stadiums.

    In regards to a new stadium, I know the Pegula’s are buying up property around the stadium in Orchard Park, so that leads me to believe that they plan on building a new stadium adjacent to New Era Field. IMO, a downtown stadium would benefit the city of Buffalo much more, but that could take away from fans tailgating before the games.

  2. It feels like a(n) RF365 reunion…

    The NFL and its greed is quite a turnoff. The prices are ridic across the board, they make a crap-ton, but they still want more. Almost makes you root for the Bills to move and just quit the league altogether. A-wads.

  3. They will keep ripping off the taxpayers as long as the taxpayers keep asking to get ripped off.