BillsWire: TE Charles Clay likes what he sees from Sean McDermott

Photo of Charles Clay from bleacherreport.com.

It’s becoming increasingly clear the Buffalo Bills have entered the “anti-Rex” era. The helter-skelter “multiple” defensive philosophy under Rex Ryan is being replaced by a very detail-oriented process driven approach. Even players on offense are commenting on the differences they see as off season workouts got rolling this week at One Bills Drive.

On Wednesday, tight end Charles Clay was the latest to comment on the John Murphy Show regarding the change in philosophy under Coach McDermott. Here’s my take from BillsWire today… what do you think about the Bills entering the “anti-Rex” era?

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Bills TE Charles Clay says 'detail oriented' Sean McDermott knows just what he wants

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10 thoughts on “BillsWire: TE Charles Clay likes what he sees from Sean McDermott

  1. Thanks for the new article Robyn! So far, McDermott is saying and doing all the right things. I was listening to the WGR550 morning sports show this morning on my way into work, and the hosts, Howard and Jeremy, were discussing the same thing about McDermott. McDermott recently took seven Bills legends out for dinner. Even at the dinner, McDermott was taking notes from the players. McDermott is very detailed oriented which can be a good thing. I remember watching the NFL network special “Cleveland 95,” Phil Savage (one of Belichek’s assistant in Cleveland) was telling the story about how Bill Belichek wanted him to study the opposing offenses plays and how Belichek described one play which was like a 30 step process. Savage said he was overwhelmed hearing Belichek describing everything that goes into just one play, let alone having to figure out all the plays. It goes to show how detailed oriented Belichek is. Now, does that mean because McDermott is very detailed oriented that he’s going to be as successful as Belichek, let alone a successful NFL HC…No. But, at least it’s a good sign. Just like the WGR550 morning show hosts said this morning, all of this stuff that McDermott is great so far, but how will it translate when it comes week 1 in September?

  2. Agreed, Steve. I was going to say something along the same lines…including having been listening to WGR and hearing the same things. Ultimately it all comes down to winning. When Wrecks was going to AFC Championship games, his act was thought to be fresh and entertaining. When he was going .500 or worse every year, he was considered a buffoon. Belichick is the ultimate hickdead and his act wouldn’t fly if he wasn’t always winning. If McD wins, he’ll be the greatest. If he goes sub-.500 like everyone else, no one will care what he’s doing in the offseason.

  3. man, the articles are hard to keep up with!
    i am definitely in the in the “words are words, wins are wins” camp, especially after all of the boasting out of the mouth of rex and myself buying into it big time.
    in hindsight rez was just that- all hot air and no action, certainly he did not have the respect or control of the team, especially the defense. it also seems as if his effort was not all it needed to be, having been dubbed a last in first out kind of coach.
    rex was coasting on his reputation but not putting out the effort.
    one thing we are seeing in McD- he is hungry for success, in fact much more hungry than rex ever was (about winning, anyway) . i love this in a coach- hungry to win, willing to do what it takes to EARN his reputation.
    seems like a much better place to be. if McD crashes and burns it won’t be for lack of effort.

  4. The real question is will McD like what he sees in Charles Clay?
    I think he will- as long as the Bills have other legitimate receiver targets.
    A Lynn seemed to believe he needed to use Clay as a wideout last season and that was not a good fit.
    Bring him back into a more traditional possession TE role and he could have a very good season playing Rick Dennison’s offense.

  5. So far I really like what McDermitt is doing. Going Bach to the 4-3 defense is a big plus in my opinion.

    The bottom line though is to start winning, sooner than later.

  6. Nells, it seemed the only time TT really threw to Clay, though, was in a RB type, dump off situation. When he ran routes and was wide open, they never seemed to throw him the ball.

    • True, I remember seeing replays where he was wide open, many times he was covered and couldn’t get separation, but he was always too far downfield! Still caught 57 catches for 552 yards and 4 TDs (how did i miss all this?) and caught a very good 65% of targets.