Mock draft season brings interesting possibilities for Buffalo Bills

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The Buffalo Bills only have six picks in the 2017 NFL Draft, unless of course they decide to trade back for more picks (which we think might be a very good idea). Should the Bills draft a quarterback with the 10th overall pick? Some think so, but with only 68 players currently under contract and a whole host of needs, it may be prudent to take a quarterback later in the draft.

With mock draft season in full swing, here’s one by NewYorkUpstate.com’s Ryan Talbot. Let us know your thoughts about the upcoming draft and what you think Buffalo should do to improve their chances of ending the burdensome 17-year playoff drought.

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Mock Draft by NewYorkUpstate.com’s Ryan Talbot

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32 thoughts on “Mock draft season brings interesting possibilities for Buffalo Bills

  1. Thanks for another article Robyn, it’s great having new Bills material to read on a daily basis!

    If the Bills were to draft the way Ryan Talbot suggested, I would be perfectly happy with it. LB and WR are definite needs and taking those in the first two rounds is a smart move. CB in the third round is a good idea. The Bills have a long history of barely resigning their first round CB draft picks, so it’s just a waste of pick IMO as a first round CB will only be on the team for their rookie contract.

  2. Considering they wouldn’t plan to start a rookie QB this year, I would be opposed to taking one in the first round. I’d be okay with it if they actually played him, but I would like them to have the flexibility to take a QB in the first round next year if they have a higher pick again and the class is stronger. If they didn’t play the guy at all, there’s no way they’d draft a QB with their first pick if they had a guy they just drafted and haven’t seen play a real NFL game yet…not that they’d have the nuts to do it even if they had seen him play.

    I like the idea of Chad Kelly on paper, being a late round, low risk/high reward player…but in actuality I think it’s probably a bad idea for the Bills. He’ll instantly be the guy everyone wants to start, having all the expectations and pressure in the world put on him. He’d be an instant hometown celebrity that hasn’t been earned for a kid that already needs a good reality check. And if he can’t cut it, he’d probably last WAY longer than any bad QB should because you can’t just part ways with a Kelly. I dunno, I’d love for it to happen AND work out, I just think it’s in everyone’s best interest for it not to happen in Buffalo.

    And finally, I think if Marshon Lattimore is on the board, he’ll be the guy they take. Not that I particularly want them to do that, but that’s my prediction.

  3. “so it’s just a waste of pick IMO”

    Steve, I don’t agree. If you get 5 good years out of a player with 4 of those being at a bargain rate…hard to call it a waste. Sure, you’d rather your first round pick be HOF caliber and on your team for the majority or all their career…but I think just about every team in the league would sign up for a good starter for 5 years at a nice reasonable number.

    That said, I do agree that I think I’d rather them go somewhere else. But we’re putting a lot of faith in Seymore and Darby…and even if those guys are good, they need more depth at CB. I think I’d rather them take a CB at 10 than a LB. If they take a LB, dude better be a first ballot, perennial pro-bowler. None of this ‘the 12 guys ahead of him all declined or are in the Super Bowl so he’s technically a pro-bowl player’ garbage. I think a starting level LB would be easier to find in the mid rounds than CB.

  4. The Bills haven’t had three good LB’s together since Spikes, Fletcher and Crowell were on the team. With the Cheatriots playing the dink and dunk game (short to intermediate passes), the Bills need LB’s that can cover TE’s and can disrupt plays in short distances. Granted, a lot is being asked of Darby and Seymour, but IMO, continuing to use high draft picks on CB’s is a mistake and it’s part of the reason why the Bills have been bad over the past 17 years.

  5. The reason the Bills have been bad for the past 17 years is because they haven’t had a legitimately good QB the whole time. I don’t think having Gilmore on the team for 5 years was a mistake…but I think if they would’ve paid him as one of the top CB’s in the league, that probably would have been a mistake. Of course as long as Brady keeps playing like Brady…that move will probably look just fine for them because the Pats can put up enough points that Gilmore can get away with being good rather than great. And if they make their opponents one dimensional, maybe he’ll appear closer to great.

  6. That’s true about the QB, but how many times have we’ve seen the Bills draft a CB, S or RB in the first round, only to see that player not resigned or traded away? Point is, you can get good players for the secondary in the lower rounds. I’d rather see the front seven improve and be able to terrorize Brady, much like Denver’s D did against him in the AFC Championship game and in the Superbowl against Carolina. Get pressure on Brady and he is no longer superhuman.

  7. The Bills need CBs, but the draft class is very deep at this position- they can get rd 1 talent in the second round abd second rd. talent in the third.
    The need an impact pass catcher more than anything and that is where the first pick should be used.
    Although McD needs a Luke Keuchly on the Bills roster and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bills did pick Foster- although Ragland is supposed to be that guy. The Bills defense would take a major step forward with a set of Alabama interior linebackers!

  8. “Point is, you can get good players for the secondary in the lower rounds”

    You can get players at any position in the lower rounds…you just have to find them. The Bills need an outside LB…and you don’t generally take outside 4-3 LBs that high. And if they draft an inside LB that high…then the Ragland pick wasn’t a very good one. And yes, they don’t resign them. But is that the worst thing? I think if you’re going to break the bank for a CB, he should be elite. You can say the Bills never resign their CBs, but they generally find pretty decent ones to replace…and Winfield might have been the only one they really should have paid the dough for. Who else were they in a position to resign for big bucks in the secondary that they actually should have paid in the last 15 years? Clemment, Shittner, Byrd? No, no, and no… Gilmore? Remains to be seen, but I don’t think they should have.

    I would agree with Nells (are you still Nells or do I have to start calling you Tony or some new nickname?) and draft a WR (if TE, the guy better be like a health Gronk and actually used!) in the first. But I think it will be Lattimore if he’s there.

    • Great comments here, thanks everyone. I’m big on WR Chris Godwin in the second round if he can be had… LB or CB in first round would be fine w/me. Would also rather wait on drafting QB until mid to later rounds. Next season’s QB draft class will definitely provide better value imo.

    • Between RB’s, CB’s and S, the Bills have used seven out of 17 first round draft picks on those positions, with only one of them being resigned beyond his rookie deal [McKelvin], it’s a waste. If I was the GM, I’d use my first round pick on key positions such as QB, O-line, LB, DE and WR.

      • Not sure if they picked the wrong positions or the wrong players. Worst drafting and worst GMs in the league for the last decade IMHO from Brandon to Nix to Whaley. 10 years of devastation except for last year’s draft.

        • It’s been a mix of both. Between drafting guys like McCargo and Maybin and the numerous picks wasted on RB’s and DB’s that are no longer on the team.

  9. So what if they draft a position other than CB and he turns out to be a good, solid starter for 5 years, but then he still moves on as a FA? Is it less of a waste because it wasn’t a CB?

    Ultimately, they need to hit on more players regardless of round…or how about just find a stud QB?

    • If the player drafted is good enough, most likely the Bills will retain him (similar to Eric Wood). CB’s and Safety contracts usually get inflated big time after their rookie deals (Norman, Gilmore, Byrd, Clements for example). This should be plain common knowledge for GM’s and it should factor into their decision on drafting a CB or Safety. Are you drafting this player just for him to possibly play five years or are you looking to build around him? If you’re going to draft a CB/S in the spots the Bills have mainly been drafting (8-13), then it should be for a player you’re going to build around and keep on your team for a while. Teams aren’t supposed to keep drafting in the top 10 as they are expected to get better, but when you keep making boneheaded mistakes like the Bills, then it’s no wonder why they’re a perennial loser (pains me to say that).

      • I do agree with this (lately). This is one area Whaley is somewhat good at- knowing whom to keep.
        Unfortunately when you pick players that aren’t worth keeping in the first place it makes his job a whole lot easier.
        The problem with Gimmemore is that he is worth the money but he won’t put out the effort for the Bills. He basically self-tanked last year. Good riddance.

        • Gimmemore was inconsistent. He’d have games where he would bomb out (like when Fitzpatrick lit him up in the first meeting with the Jets), then would play strong. It seemed he would always start the season out slow, then get better. I wonder if his lack of tackling was due to him saving himself for his next contract or is he normally that way? McDermott even stated that he wants DB’s that can tackle, so we know who he was referring to on that.

  10. So where are you finding your quality corners and safeties and not having to pay them huge money?

    • Between rounds 3 – 7. I’d rather have lower round guys leave after their rookie contracts than higher round guys. IMO, too many people overvalue players in the secondary.

  11. Coach McDermott was on WGR550 this morning. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

    McDermott – we’re getting ready for the Draft while looking at the guys we already have. Have to balance it all out, but it’s awesome #Bills

    McDermott – it’s a people driven business. I have to get to know players on all three sides of the ball and I’ve enjoyed that process #Bills

    McDermott – the margin for error in this business is small. We have to work for every inch. We want to be a playoff caliber team. #Bills

    McDermott – we have to earn the right to win in order to be a playoff team. It’s one step at a time at this point #Bills

    McDermott – I want to be responsible at making the right decision at the right time. We’ll look at every option on the table at the Draft

    McDermott – we want to find guys in the first few rounds to make us better in the short and long-term. Whether that’s a QB or not #Bills

    McDermott – I’ve been around two very good head coaches. I was able to run the defense in Carolina as if I was the head coach. #Bills

    McDermott – while Rivera and Reid picked the players at the Draft, they gave me the best opportunity to succeed #Bills

    McDermott – receivers are getting bigger, stronger and faster every year. We need guys who can challenge them in the secondary #Bills

    McDermott – we’re looking to improve at every position. We’ve added and retained some important pieces in the secondary. #Bills

    McDermott – if there is someone that can help us in the secondary in the Draft, we would love to have them on our team #Bills

    McDermott – the TE position is important on offense. Charles is a good matchup for us, to go along with McCoy in the backfield #Bills

    Sounds like the Bills plan on drafting a WR in the early rounds (music to my ears).

  12. Good morning…

    That was an interesting mock draft, a surprise with LB Foster but they need to build the front 7 and I do like Godwin in rd 2 plus a CB in round 3 that can tackle…

    2 weeks until draft day–:)

    The signing of QB Yates gives them a vet back-up with playing experience. Does that mean they won’t draft a QB or if they do is the Cardele Jones experiment over?

  13. That is a bit of an odd signing, Goose…unless it’s just a camp arm or they’re planning to cut either him or Jones before the season depending on how preseason goes. I suppose they could also put Jones on the practice squad, but either they like him or they don’t. If they’re not confident he can be the backup, do they really think he could eventually be their starter?

    • Bills OC Rick Dennison was Yates’ OC in Houston so he knows Dennison’s offensive system.

  14. Good morning

    I don’t think it is too odd a signing, Yates has some experience and he is familiar with the system… They maybe souring on Jones,

    Chad Kelly hurt his wrist on his pro day and ahs gone or will go for surgery. He won’t be able to throw for 3 months… He has had some bad luck…

    • I’m wondering if the Bills will draft Kelly just because his uncle is a legend in Buffalo? There are pros and cons to the Bills drafting him. If he turns out to be a great QB like his uncle, he’ll become a legend in Buffalo. But, you know he’ll be compared to his uncle his whole time here, so I don’t know if that’s a good thing?

  15. Hard to see him getting drafted after a knee injury and now a wrist injury. The Bills brass has gone and watched Trubisky (sp) work out—sounds like the typical smokescreen… If he lasts until 10 or there may be a team willing to move up to 10 if there is a small run on QB’s in the top 10 a team may want to move up to grab one…

    • the bills have visited with kelly- and only two other teams have met with him- the jets and the dolphins!
      it would be my worst bills fan nightmare to have kelly make it big- with the dolphins!
      could you imagine, kelly, with the dolphins, shredding the bills defense for a decade or so? eff me!

  16. Happy Easter to all…

    I finally received my Ourlad’s and Draft Digest, so it is time to start working on my Mock draft… If I start today I’ll change it 5x’s before the draft–:)

  17. (tony),
    It would seem more appropriate for the Bills to draft/sign him…but then get signed by the Pats as a RFA and replace Brady.