BillsWire podcast: Debating merits of drafting a QB & interesting take on Adolphus Washington

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Podcasts are the bomb. Love listening to them as well as participating when the occasion arises. My good friend and colleague Rob Quinn, managing editor for BillsWire recently started a series of podcasts with some interesting guests (present company excluded) talking about the 2017 NFL Draft and other topics of interest related to the Buffalo Bills.

Episode 3 is very interesting. Rob talks with Rich Fann, someone I cherish for his football insight. In this episode, they discuss the implications of drafting a quarterback in the first round. The next segment features a discussion including some interesting comments about DT Adolphus Washington by Mr. Cole Thompson (@MrColeThompson).

Check it out and let us know your thoughts about the podcast, the draft, or anything else Bills related.

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14 thoughts on “BillsWire podcast: Debating merits of drafting a QB & interesting take on Adolphus Washington

  1. I will try to check this out…

    Is it just my phone browser and their jacked site or did 247 delete some comments?

  2. joma screw that place they censored some comments i posted about suggesting other sites- nothing offensive at all.

  3. 247 is jacked up as it shows different amount of comments between logging in and actually entering in comments (it will show about 5-10 more comments after you make a comment). Besides that, this site blows away 247 as there are multiple authors that post fresh articles weekly on the Bills.

    • Thanks so much for bringing life to the blog. I’ve been trying to get people here to start dialogue on articles for a long time. Do check out this podcast when you have time. It’s the best pre-draft podcast I listen to in order to prep for the draft because I usually don’t have time to watch college football. Let me know what you think!

      • You’re welcome! I enjoy this site a lot so far.

        Like you, I don’t get to watch a lot of college football, just mainly the NFL. I listened to 15 minutes of the podcast yesterday and will have to listen to more later on. I’m glad to see the Bills do their due diligence on the QB’s in the draft. If the Bills do take a QB in the first round, I hope it’s not another bust like EJ Manuel or JP Losman.

        If there isn’t a QB worthy of a high round draft pick and the Bills are truly in the market for their “future” QB, then they should move back with teams in the draft, ask for 2018 draft picks instead, that way if the Bills need to trade up in next year’s draft to get a good QB, they’ll have the assets to do it with instead of sacrificing multiple draft picks of their own. With the Bills drafting at 10, I’m sure they could move down at least twice in this year’s draft.

  4. Steve, I like this site, too. I think my only complaint would be the likelihood of missing comments as there are many active articles…and I don’t care for the reply feature as you gotta skim over everything to see if there’s something new rather than just going to the last post…or the last post you’ve read and continue down from there. So I find myself trying to remember how many comments an article had and then looking for the new posts.

    • I agree with that. It would be nice to see recent comments posted on top that way we don’t have to scroll down and find where someone posted something new. But considering the alternatives we had, I’m not going to complain too much.

  5. I think if trubisky or Mahomes is there at 10 you grab him. I know either one won’t be ready in year 1 or 2 but should be year 3. I think TT is at his ceiling.

  6. I said in another article, what I don’t like about drafting a QB in the early to mid rounds this year is it all but eliminates the possibility of them drafting a QB next year when the crop should be more promising, especially when they likely wouldn’t play the guy at all. I’d be completely good drafting a QB this year, PLAYING HIM, and if he was clearly the answer going forward, great. But if it didn’t look incredibly promising and they’re in a position to draft a great QB prospect next year and don’t because they just used a pick on EJ jr… Even if the guy they hypothetically drafted this year looked okay, draft the stud prospect next year too and let them compete for the job. Then trade off the other or keep him as a nice backup.

  7. What i don’t like about drafting a QB at #10 is that they have so many other needs for immediate impact players and none of the to QBs are NFL ready, so they will be on the bench for possibly (2) seasons- quite a big price to pay- so he had better be worth it and they better be certain of his potential.
    According to the podcast they are looking at QBs quite seriously and it wouldn’t surprise me if they did take one at #10. I just wish they would pick one in the later rounds, maybe trade down for an extra second round pick.
    One thing for sure- no QB will be successful on this team without better receivers that can get separation, extend the catch zone and actually make the possession catch. Right now they only have one, not counting the TE.

  8. The podcast dudes really like Corey Davis and I agree. He gets my vote for #10.
    I didn’t realize that Patrick Mahomes name was pronounced Mu Home-ees. Maybe he will become a Bills homie!