BillsWire: Strengths of 2017 NFL Draft matches Bills’ many needs

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While the battle over whether it’s better to take best player available or select a player based on need rages on, one good thing for the Buffalo Bills in the 2017 NFL Draft is that relative strength by position groups in this draft seems to match up well with Buffalo’s needs.

Of course one could easily posit the Bills have so many needs at various positions it would be hard for them to not match up to the strengths of this draft, or any for that matter. However, this draft does seem to be poised to help the Bills with respect to its areas of strength.

A recent article by Bleacher Report’s Chris Sobleski ranked the relative strength of each position group for this draft. Let’s dig into this report and check out how the perceived strengths in this draft match the Bills’ needs. Let us know your thoughts as we get closer to the draft.

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Strengths of 2017 NFL Draft matches Bills' many needs

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26 thoughts on “BillsWire: Strengths of 2017 NFL Draft matches Bills’ many needs

  1. Thanks for the new article Robyn! I’m not into college football, so I can’t comment on individual players as I don’t know anything about them. But according to the article, it sounds like the OT’s aren’t the best, which is a disappointment. I know the Bills picked up Vlad Ducasse in the offseason and it sounds like they’re going to give him a look at Tackle, so it should be interesting to see how that works out. Offensive Guard, I think the Bills could use an upgrade over John Miller. Here’s a blurb about the Right side of the O-line: “If Buffalo could find an answer to their right tackle issue, this line would vault up the rankings in an instant. Jordan Mills surrendered eight sacks and 57 total QB pressures over 596 pass-blocking snaps this season, fourth-most of any tackle in the game. The play of RG John Miller inside of Mills didn’t help much when it comes to pass blocking, either, giving the Bills a real issue on the right side of the line. Miller allowed four sacks and 33 total QB pressures, but did at least offset that with some strong run blocking.” http://buffalowdown.com/2017/01/15/buffalo-bills-offensive-line/
    IMO, WR is the biggest need on the team, especially with Watkins’ durability and the fact that Bills brass is mulling over whether to exercise the 5th year option on his contract.
    I imagine the Bills will draft a CB at some point in this draft as it seems Whaley drafts one in every draft. I just hope it’s not in the first two rounds.
    As I said before, if the Bills take a QB in the first round, I just hope he’s not a bust like Manuel or Losman. I think they should draft a QB, but not at the top of the draft.

    • Hi Steve!

      Hope your Easter weekend was great. Thanks for sharing your comments here. John Miller is an interesting study in conflicting data. PFF rates him really high and as one of the most improved OG players last season. I think he has a lot of upside, and if his game suffered last season… IMO it was because he had a turnstile to his right. Ugh… the Bills really need to get a RT. What really steams me (and has for awhile) is how many times the Bills medical staff messed up in their player evaluations. Kouandjio’s bad knee was no secret, and as Steve Tasker pointed out on the John Murphy Show once a few months ago, Kouandjio can’t play RT because his bad knee is the one he pushes off of on that side… hence his move to LT. Makes me wonder if Glenn could move to the right side… I hate tinkering around but Mills is a huge liability and Seantrel Henderson cannot be counted on. Sigh……………

      • Robyn,

        Easter weekend was good, just wished my wife was off. She is an RN and works the night shift and it was her weekend to work. I made Easter dinner (ham, scalloped potatoes and deviled eggs) and it turned out very good.

        Miller seems to be a very good run blocker, but struggles in pass protection. Like you said, it could because Mills is very bad.

        As far as Kouandjio playing LT and Glenn playing RT, I think it would be a great idea, but considering the contract extension Glenn received to play LT, I doubt the Bills would make that move.

        You’re absolutely right, between Henderson’s health and marijuana habits, he can’t be counted on.

  2. I don’t know if this is a smokescreen or legit, but if the Bills trade up for a QB in the first round this year and he turns out to be a bust, it will set the franchise back years. And if that’s the case, Whaley should be fired.
    “If there’s one strong quarterback-team connection, it’s Trubisky and the Bills. They’ve had strong interest throughout the season and draft process, and they actually were one of the teams he looked to for advisement when he was making his decision to declare for the draft. While I don’t believe the Jets will draft a quarterback, the Bills might trade with the Titans to ensure they can get to Trubisky before New York. I would be surprised if they target a different quarterback, but they’ve done their due diligence on all of them.”

    • Just a feeling, but I do think the QB evals are a smokescreen. The Bills will likely draft a QB (and IMO they should) but in this draft it should be in the mid-rounds at the earliest. This draft class for QBs is not that hot…

  3. If the Bills trade up for a QB, Whaley should be fired immediately and then only rehired if the guy becomes a stud. But better to err on the side of caution and just fire him that evening and get a head start on the mess the team is likely to be. Especially because the idiots would probably trade their #1 next year as compensation…because that’s how they roll.

    • Hi Joma,

      Haha… I chuckled at your comment here. If the Bills didn’t have bad luck, they would have no luck at all :) It will be interesting to see how this season plays out because I think McDermott has been given the power to do whatever he wants as far as personnel, including pushing for a replacement for Whaley. Remember that in the Bills organizational structure the GM and HC report directly to the Pegulas, so it’s not a stretch to think they will do whatever McDermott wants as far as the GM position. I believe the Pegulas have evolved from wanting a “football czar” to allowing McDermott to fill that role. So far I’m deeply impressed with McDermott, but I’ll admit my background as a psychotherapist resonates with his constant emphasis on culture and the more mental and emotional aspects of the game.

  4. Seems like the strength of the draft does not address the Bill’s biggest need if Tyrod Taylor has reached his ceiling as a QB.
    The overwhelming consensus is that this year’s draft is not a strong one for Quarterback prospects and that the top (4) are developmental prospects at best.
    Of the top (25) players in the draft, only (2) are Quarterbacks- no. 12 ranked Mitch Trubisky and no. 17th ranked Deshaun Watson.
    Despite their relative rankings, most predict them to be gone by the time the Bills pick at (10). This would cause the Bills to make a decision to possibly reach for second round QB talent in Patrick Mahomes or Deshone Kizer with the no. 10 pick.
    Picking either of these QBs will hurt the Bills chances next season because they could have the potential to draft an immediate impact starter at pick 10 for other areas of need.

    • No, not really. Whaley seems to be just like another GM that came from Pittsburgh, Tom Donahoe. “Buffalo’s draft classes have produced inconsistent results, but Whaley has shown the ability to find talent in free agency. Daugherty mentioned Taylor in his blurb on Whaley and two of his most inexpensive additions last year, Lorenzo Alexander and Zach Brown, both had career-years with Buffalo.” Donahoe had terrible drafts, but did good in FA. So far, both Whaley and Donahoe have around the same results.

  5. Thanks for the new article Robyn.

    Nellie, I thought it was Nix that pulled the trigger on Manuel, water over the dam now but we have to hit a HR on our next QB. I’m running up to the podium if Trubisky is still ther at 10. I know Joma he won’t start the first year but he needs to learn the pro game. Watsonville arm comes up short for the winds of WNY.

    If Glenn can handle the right side why not? He is still making his money. We would have a pretty strong OL.

    Have a good rest of the day everyone.

  6. Gary, I’m all for drafting a QB. What I don’t want them to do it trade away their first round pick next year or pass over a stud QB prospect in next year’s draft because they pick a guy this year. As far as I’m concerned, draft a QB every year till they have a great one. I doubt they go anywhere until that happens, so do whatever you have to to make it so.

    Robyn, I’m not sure I buy that McD is gaining power…at least not at this point. I think the plan all along was for the new coach to be the face of the franchise and do all the speaking because Whaley sucks at it. And it’s quite possibly why McD won out over Lynn, because Lynn didn’t exactly do that great of a job when the team put him in the crappy position last year to speak for them when Rex was fired,Taylor was benched, and the guys at the top hid from the mics.

  7. Joma,

    All signs that I have read (and read into) point to McD having a larger voice about the roster than Whaley, including the new contract for Taylor.
    The problem is that he is flying by film right now but that will change after training camp and as the season progresses where he will see first hand what he has to work with. I bet the depth chart will look a whole lot different a year from now.

  8. Good morning…

    Dam didn’t know a new article posted…

    Da Pats!

    At fist I completely hated the Pats like I use to hate the Jets & Phins (when they were the best teams in the division) the Jets in the Gang Green era and of course Miami when they beat the Bills 20 straight times… But this Patriots run is incredible and they deserve accolades for what they achieve year in and year out… Normally SB teams start losing their players because of cap reasons but not the Pats, they refuse to over pay and will let their stars walk and then reload… In my 55 years of following the Bills I have never seen such a dynasty–yes there was the Packers, Raiders, Cowboys, 49ers, Phins, Steelers etc etc but nothing like this.

    The Pats have made an art of cherry picking their east opponents teams, the Bills have been in their bulls-eye the last couple of years with Hogan, Gilmour and now Gillislee… They have taken excellent role players and a starter so now the Bills have to replace those players instead of continuing to add talent…

    As much as I despise the Pats I’ve come to be envious, how can you not be when they come off the SB and have 60 million in cap space and the Bills are losing players because of cap reasons after 17 non-playoff seasons!!

    Now the Pats who use to stock pile draft picks have turned the table and are trading them away for quality veteran players that can contribute immediately!!!

    Yes—I am so jealous of their success!!


  9. Aaron Hernandez is dead. He hung himself inside his jail cell. What a waste, the guy had all the talent but instead threw it all away to be a “gangsta.” I don’t feel sorry for him, but I do feel sorry for his victims families and his own family.

  10. I didn’t even know Hernandez somehow got off on the other double homicide charges. I’m sure those victims’ families are in a little better mood today.

    “All signs that I have read (and read into) point to McD having a larger voice about the roster than Whaley, including the new contract for Taylor.”

    Nells, I dunno about that. Taylor took a pretty hefty pay cut to come back, which the Bills seemed quite willing to part ways with him rather than kick in the extension. I’m a little surprised Taylor accepted… I think Whaley’s role is much like it’s always been while he’s had the GM title, the only difference being he doesn’t speak publicly now. He’s always worked with the coach on shaping the roster. I think people are just reading too much into McD being the voice of the organization, which I think was the plan all along.

    • Joma, I read where because he had appeals coming for the murder he committed his conviction will be vacated and in the eyes of Ma. law he died an innocent man—WTF!!!

      • Only Patriots fans would believe he is innocent as they feel everyone in the world is out to get the Patriots.

  11. Good morning….

    NFL is hitting it big tonight as they release their schedule on the NFL Network…


    Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Indianapolis Colts


    Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals

  12. The Bills have a very tough schedule. With having new coaches and new systems on both sides of the ball, it will be hard to gauge this team until either the third preseason game or early in the regular season.

    Looks like there’s turmoil brewing with the Sabres as reports flew yesterday that Eichel would not resign in Buffalo if Bylsma was still the HC. Eichel and his agent both heavily deny this.

    I had a great time last night taking the kids to see Testament, Sepultura and Prong in Richmond. All of these guys are getting older as they’ve been around since the 80’s.

  13. Sabres have fired both GM Tim Murray and HC Dan Bylsma. I liked Murray, but considering the Leafs, Rangers and Oilers leaped frogged the Sabres with their “tank jobs,” it’s not surprising to see him go. Bylsma needed to go as he lost the team and did not tailor his “system” to the strength of his players.

  14. Pierre LeBrun‏Verified account @Real_ESPNLeBrun · 2m2 minutes ago
    Constant turmoil with the Bills and Sabres. The passionate fans of Western New York deserve so much better.

    Have to agree. While I like the Pegula’s, they need to get their act together and stop meddling so much with both teams.

  15. I pretty much expected Bylsma to get the axe, but Murray too is a surprise. Then again, I don’t follow hockey much so whatevs. #hockeytalk

    Goose, there’s some talk that maybe he did it to get some money back for his kid…the Pats were off the hook for some of it with his conviction, but if he’s technically innocent, they may have to leagally pay out… Dunno if it’s a load of crap or not.

    Steve, which band was the best?

    • Testament was my favorite out of the three. I’ve seen all bands multiple times. It was my first time seeing Sepultura since 1996 when both Cavalera bros were in the band. The new singer was good and I was glad to hear them play some old stuff. Both Testament and Prong had a good mix of old and new stuff as well. I took my kids and they got guitar pics from Testament, so they were happy.

  16. “Kevin Massare‏ @KevinMassare · 24s24 seconds ago
    McDermott points to his ability to find a CB later in the draft as he did in Carolina.”

    If this is true, then McDermott is a smart man! Why waste a top pick on a CB who will most likely be gone after his rookie contract. Use the top picks on impact players that the team can afford to resign and play a important position on the team.