BillsMafia blog Draft Day discussion… come hang out with us!

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Draft day is finally here! Welcome to the first annual (hopefully many more to come) BillsMafia blog Draft Day discussions. With so much going on today, we wanted to provide a place where people can come and share their thoughts about what’s happening today around the league and with the Bills.

So let us know your thoughts about the draft and share some dialogue with our BillsMafia brothers and sisters… we’re almost 100K strong! Leave your comments here and we’ll come back from time to time and revisit them throughout the season and into the future.

Since drafts can’t really be evaluated properly for at least a couple years, who’s willing to put their predictions here so we can take a look back and see how it all unfolds somewhere down the road?

I’ll get things going with my first set of thoughts on how things are shaping up. Let’s get this thing rolling!

  1. Unless someone drops they cannot pass on, I look for the Bills to trade back in the first round if they can find a suitable partner.
  2. I don’t see the Bills drafting a QB in the first round. It will be best player available with focus on WLB, S, CB or WR.
  3. If O.J. Howard gets past the Jets, I think the Bills will pull the trigger.
  4. If reports are true that the entire scouting department will be fired next week, I expect Doug Whaley will also be fired as well.

Let’s get this thing rolling. What say you, BillsMafia?

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34 thoughts on “BillsMafia blog Draft Day discussion… come hang out with us!

  1. Robyn,

    I agree with your assessment. I think if O.J. Howard or Haason Reddick are available at 10, the Bills will draft either one of them. If neither are there, I hope the Bills can trade back and gain more draft picks.

    • What are your thoughts about Haason Reddick, Steve? I see a lot of people mentioning his name.

      • I know McDermott’s defense relies on it’s front 7 to get pressure on the QB, so Reddick fits into McDermott’s defense.

  2. The problem with trading back is 1) you need a dance partner and 2) it sounds like everyone ahead of the Bills would also like to trade back. So someone would have to slide that would be desirable to move up for, and since it sounds to be a buyers market, compensation for moving back would probably be lower than typical. Would you still be in favor of trading back 5 spots for a 4th round pick? I think it depends largely on who’s still available, though.

    As I said in one of the other comment sections, I think the pick is either a D player or Howard. D player is a bit of a cop out, but it depends on who is there. I think they’d go for one of the two safeties or Lattimore if they’re there. If all 4 of those guys are gone, fack if I know…

  3. If we trade down, I’d be interested in the Safety from UConn, Obi. Then if he’s there, Zay Jones in the second and the TE from Iowa, Kittle, in the later rounds.

  4. If the Bills are able to trade down, I’d like to see them go for the Safety from UConn, Obi. Then, if he’s there, Zay Jones in the 2nd, and the TE from Iowa, Kittle, at some point in the later rounds.

      • I like Godwin, he seems in the same mold of Sammy, but a little less explosive. Most reports say he’s a willing blocker and a better route runner than you’d expect. I like the connection Jones has with the WR coach in Buffalo now, but the Pegula’s have Penn State connection, so…
        Bottom line, I think Jones will have an easier transition because you can start him in the slot where he has more experience than Godwin and his position coach already knows how to use him, but Godwin looks to have the higher ceiling.

  5. Is this thing on? Trying to participate but I don’t think its logging my comments

    • Hi Alan,

      Comments are moderated so sometimes it takes a few minutes for me to get the notice of a post. Thanks for joining us!

      • That explains it. Pardon me for posting the same thought so many times. I though my connection wasn’t working.

        • No worries… I’ve noticed that once I approve a comment, the user seems to be able to automatically post, so it may not be an issue after approving the first post :)

  6. There are so many smoke screens now I can’t cut through it with my chain saw. But it’s still Howard and Reddick for me in rd 1.
    Rd 2 BPA. I know, I know, copout!
    Rd 3 Nathan Peterman QB – Pitt. Or with the extra pick in rd 5
    Jarod Evans QB – VT

    I will be wrong but it’s no different than any other year. Remember everyone I’m older than dirt so go easy on me.

  7. If the Bills trade down, I’d like to see them get the Safety from UConn, Obi. Then if he’s there in the 2nd, Zay Jones. And I really like the TE from Iowa, Kittle, I think he’d be a perfect TE2 in Rico’s zone blocking scheme.

    • With you on Zay Jones… and Kittle looks like a winner as well. Like your thinking here :)

  8. OJ Howard looks great! I am afraid he will be off the board.
    My idea is: trade down a bit if possible and take da guy from Colorado, Chidobe Awuzie.

  9. And as far as the scout staff goes, I’d like to see us retain some of the pro scouting department. It seems to me they’ve been unable to unearth some very good gems. From trading for Hughes, (not so much McCoy as that seemed to be more Chip Kelly’s arrogance), to Zach Brown, Zo, Gillislee, Hogan, the small return from Justin Hunter. Those guys seem to find at least one “dust settle” FA every year who makes a significant contribution.

    • I find it interesting they seem to be so adept at finding UDFA and lower round guys but their early round picks have sucked for years.

      • It’s funny, other than Cyrus, they seem to hit more consistently in the 2nd round than the 1st.

  10. mike williams. the bills finally land a receiver that can get that much needed separation factor.

  11. i’d be happy if they landed any of the following (realistic picks)
    mike williams, WR
    OJ howard, TE
    ruben foster, ILB
    malik hooker, FS
    marshon lattimore, CB

  12. Rumors are the Bills are trying to trade down. IMO, that would be a very smart move, trade down, gain more picks, fill in more holes.

  13. Rumors are the Bills are trying to win the Super Bowl…only problem is it’s not going so well. ;)

    • I thought they’re just trying make it to the playoffs (“Playoff Caliber”)

  14. Please!!!! Don’t draft anyone named Mike Williams- it’s a nightmare….

    I just want to watch to see who makes the desperate move (i.e. Sammy)

  15. “I thought they’re just trying make it to the playoffs (“Playoff Caliber”)”

    HA ! You win the internets today…

  16. Fingers crossed that Jamal Adams drops to 10. Or that other teams start fighting for Buffalo’s 10 to jump up and grab a QB before they’re all gone.