BillsWire: Sean McDermott’s emphasis on character traits obvious in draft

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True to his word, Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott showed how much he prioritizes character traits by selecting players with a strong resume in that regard.

Here are a list of accomplishments by each draft pick selected, hot off the press from BillsWire…

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Sean McDermott's emphasis on character traits was obvious in Bills NFL draft class

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3 thoughts on “BillsWire: Sean McDermott’s emphasis on character traits obvious in draft

  1. Bills opt not to pick up Watkins option. Expect the knob to go off and stay healthy for a change.

    If I hear McThodical say ‘methodical’ one more time, I might have to fly to Buff and punch him in the face…

  2. If Watkins stays healthy and has a good year, they can always franchise tag him next year or negotiate a contract extension (if he wants to stay).

    I am interested to see if the Bills prime picks (Lawson, Ragland) from last year are able to step up and become significant contributors to the defense.

  3. Problem is Tyrod is likely to leave at the end of the year so then you have one year, likely with a rookie QB, to prove to the guy your team is on the right track and he should want to stick around for it. Give him the 5th year option and you woulda had an extra year to prove you got your tihs together and he should stay. Then again, this is the Bills we’re talking about…chances are their tihs won’t be together and this decision will be meaningless in their forever quest of 6, 7, 8. Enjoy the Pats, Sammy. Hopefully Brady is still playing at a high level by then…