BillsWire: Here’s what anonymous scouts said about Bills’ draft picks

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Every year, Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel does terrific draft reviews of players, and this year was no exception. He polled anonymous scouts before the 2017 NFL Draft, so BillsWire collected their comments regarding players the Buffalo Bills selected and included some of coach Sean McDermott’s comments after selections were made.

Have a look and let us know what you think.

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Here's what anonymous scouts, Sean McDermott had to say about Bills NFL draft picks

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12 thoughts on “BillsWire: Here’s what anonymous scouts said about Bills’ draft picks

  1. no offense robyn but multiple page “click bait” articles are a pet peeve of mine.

    lots of love in the media for the bills QB selection nathan peterman. i dismissed him as a “potential” backup but it appears that he could be much more than that after reading these articles.
    after watching some of his highlights, arm strength and throwing motion ain’t that great but he seems smart, makes quick reads and quick decisions and can see the field well, spotting the open receiver despite the pass rush pressure. also knows when to protect and when to run. looks like some decent potential.

    • Haha… understood. Just so you know, click bait page breaks are not my thing… that’s USA Today, not me ;) You won’t find any of my blog posts set up that way :)

      I’m curious about Nathan Peterman as well. It will be interesting to see who wins that battle… Cardale Jones wiht the cannon arm or Peterman with the weaker arm but more accuracy.

  2. Good morning…

    Nice to see the Bills getting some Kudos from other scouts.

    To me the biggest question mark is what will we see from Dareus, will he be the dominating DT/DE he was before the big contract or will he continue to be the next Abner Haynesworth. The Bills need production from their highest priced players and that includes Hughes and Glenn.


    • I have zero worries about Hughes. If you look at his twitter feed, he is “all-in” on McDermott. You can also tell he is still VERY bitter about Rex. There’s a curious tweet by Hughes to someone on the team (I think Dareus) about sucking it up and working hard.

      I too share your concern about Dareus. He better stay clean and show up to play this year. No worries about Glenn though.

      • Good morning…

        I believe Hughes had a leg issue last year which slowed him down… McDermott won’t tolerate some of his behavior that draws unsportsman penalties but he will also get the best out of him..

        Glenn is a talent but he continues to have injury problems and misses time. When he is on the field he produces..

        Dareus—this is a make or break year for him. Any idea how the rest of his contract is structure? Just curious if the Bills would have an option to trade him and how it would affect the cap.

  3. When it comes to Dareus,, like McD, I’d give it a year before deciding to part ways with him or handing the franchise over to him… Maybe McThodical can light a fire under his arse unlike Club Wrecks.

    I was thinking, it’s too bad the Bills didn’t trade with Houston. With their QB situation and possible division improvement, they might be lucky to go 8-8 this year whereas it’s hard to imagine KC doing worse than 8-8.

  4. Joma–I thought the same thing about if the Bills would have traded with the Texans instead of the Chiefs…The Chiefs are in a stronger division with the Raiders, Broncos and the Chargers play tough until the end of games… The Texans have the underachieving Colts, Jags and the improving Titans….

  5. wow the ky derby was yesterday and we did not get any previews from our resident ky’ian and derby lover. that aint right.
    hope you enjoyed it cowgirl.

  6. Headline: The Bills are reportedly bringing back the Panthers assistant GM for a second interview.

    Jomentary: Not sure why they’re wasting their time going through the motions. It was a done deal even before they brought him in the first time. Probably would have been useful to interview another legitimate candidate, though. The slap from Houston and the token interview with the Philly guy…gee, who’s going to get handed this job? Then again, I suppose all these guys are legit candidates…the actual GM position the Bills are hiring is just McThodical’s gopher man?

  7. i sure hope this isn’t turning into ryan cult 2.0 although they do need to exploit some connections within the NFL. otherwise- where are they going to find 17 new scouts?