Patience is supposed to be a virtue… especially with the Buffalo Bills

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Imagine that you have just won the lottery, and all of a sudden you have a couple million dollars just sitting in your bank account.

After a couple of months you become bored and decide you want to go into business for yourself. I’m not going to guess what type of business you want invest in, because, let’s face it. We all have our own dreams of what we would like to do to make ourselves happy and still provide for our family while we work hard at our new venture.

A couple of years have gone by, and your business is at a standstill. Your business has been doing okay, by providing for you and your family. But you were hoping that it would have been growing, providing even more than you could have hoped for.

Now imagine you’re Terry Pegula.

Terry and his wife Kim became the new owners of the Buffalo Bills on October 10, 2014. And Bills fans from all walks of life were immediately asking when change was going to happen. After 15 years without a playoff season, you kind of had to expect it.

As far as the 2014 season goes, no one thinking logically, can blame the Pegula’s for what happened. Speaking factually, the draft was done and gone long ago. UDFA and veteran FA, done. Final roster, done. In fact, when the Pegula’s became owners, one third of the season was completed.

For the rest of the 2014 season, I look at it this way. Just as you would have done in your new business, they were finding their way. At the end of that season, it seems to have become somewhat of a circus.

Head Coach Doug Marrone bails out of the final year of his contract and bails out of Buffalo.

Enter Rex Ryan. I don’t think I need to really say much on this subject. Just replay all his press conferences. You’ll get the picture.

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Now, it’s 2017. And I think the Pegula’s have finally, for the first time, have experienced what a truly good football mind is really like. Yes, I’m talking about the interview and hire of Sean McDermott.

Unlike Ryan, whose total defenses have fluctuated all over the place, McDermott’s defenses have consistently been in the top 10. Again, in fact, even with the Carolina Panthers going from the Super bowl in 2015 to last place in the NFC South in 2016, McDermott was the only Defensive Coordinator in the NFL to have 4 consecutive years with a total defense ranked in the top 10.

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I have always been hopeful, but didn’t have much hope for the Buffalo Bills in almost 20 years (I am 14 months older than the organization). But with this year, with the hire of McDermott, his coordinators and their assistants, I am, with a little reserve, hopeful again.

Being realistic, I’m not expecting the playoffs in his first year as Head Coach. There will be an adjustment period learning the new system and learning a completely new playbook. But next year, my expectations will be quite high.

But for now, as the Pegula’s go, it’s their 3rd full season as owners of the team. They seem to be finally on their way to understanding the football way of life. And I am expecting more changes within the organization as the year moves on.

I’ll give Terry and Kim another year or two before I start to declare that my patience is wearing thin. Until then, I’ll hold on to whatever virtue I have.

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5 thoughts on “Patience is supposed to be a virtue… especially with the Buffalo Bills

  1. Thanks for the article Chuck. It seemed everyone the Bills brought in during this playoff drought did not have a plan/vision on how to build this team, except for “just make the playoffs,” which is a terrible goal. With McDermott, he seems to have that plan/vision on how he wants the team constructed, which is a sight for sore eyes. I’m betting McD is going to use both first round picks in 2018 to move up and draft a QB, which IMO is a smart move.

    After 17 years though, I’m all out of Buffalo Bills Kool-aid so I need to see results first before I go get another batch.

  2. The vision is playoff caliber!

    “I’m betting McD is going to use both first round picks in 2018 to move up and draft a QB”

    I’m sure that’s a hope of theirs, but I wouldn’t necessarily bet that it’s going to happen. If the Bills end up at 10 again and KC is at 24 and the QB(s) on the board are stud prospects…you better hope like hell there’s a team sitting there in a spot that doesn’t need a QB themselves AND that there’s not a better offer on the table. If I’m team lotto pick and there’s a QB hungry team right behind me, well they can also make me a nice offer to move up only one spot and I get a package of picks AND am still guaranteed whatever player I covet in the draft. And that’s assuming the Bills have their typical season and an okay spot in the draft. If they actually sneak their way into the playoffs like they’re hoping and have two picks in the 20s…the only way you’re getting up high enough to draft a QB is if the prospects are like this last draft’s.

    Certainly the Bills have more ammo than they would otherwise, but they’re not exactly sitting pretty right now. There best bet would still be to have a crappy season and for THEM to be team lotto pick…and then use that other first rounder on a player to help their new franchise QB! But why rebuild the right way?

  3. personally running out of patience but it is only year three of the new era coming up.
    one thing i wanna know- where the hail are they going to pilfer 17 new experienced scouts? none of the former bills scouts was worth keeping?
    hopefully the carolina gravy train is boarding up some more passengers and that they are headed north.

  4. I would imagine that they will hire some of the Bills scouts back to the staff, but they fire them so that the new Director can make his/her own decisions. I am thinking scouts do not live in Buffalo, but rather the region that they scout in, so that might make finding scouts easier.

  5. It has been a long run of non-playoff years the longest in franchise history… It is hard to get excited and be optimistic but that being said I am excited and optimistic about the new regime… It is my nature of being a Bills fan for so long, with so many losing seasons and non-playoff seasons in their history I know no other way.

    If the Red Sox and the Cubs could come out of their slumber after so many awful years so can the Bills !! I should add the patriots because they sucked for so many years and turned it around with a diamond in the rough QB Brady and of course hiring HC of Belechick..

    Here is to thinking positive on McD being our Belechick—Peterman being our Brady and the Pegulas being our Kraft !!!!