Buffalo Bills Rookies Go to Head of the Class

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Starting rookies means getting the most games possible from them over their careers.  Sure: go with that.  There are already multiple Buffalo Bills first-year players listed as the best on the team at their positions.  It counts even by default.  This team has no choice but to promote rapidly, so fans can only hope progress comes quickly.

The first three selections shouldn’t be planning to coast for a few seasons.  They don’t seem like slackers, and the absence of indolence is their best virtue.  Topping the depth chart by virtue of being drafted is a form of luck.  Not everyone leaving college can join the champs, so invent a positive scenario.  Even teammates tire of Tom Brady’s smirk.

As for New England’s top victim, getting demoted may not make those already on Buffalo’s roster feel really good about themselves.  But they can use guile to overtake the whippersnappers if they find second place demeaning.

Expect struggles now to prepare for disappointment.  The only thing worse than having to start on one’s first day as a pro is doing so at these particular positions.  Wide receiver, right tackle, and cornerback are notoriously tough transition positions, which just happen to be the ones Buffalo is restaffing.

It could be tougher: feel blessed they’re not starting a rookie quarterback.  Short of Nathan Peterman surprising us even more than Tyrod Taylor did when he took the job, they’ll probably settle for a veteran.  There’s already enough transition time ahead.

Photo of Nathan Peterman from buffalonews.com.

Those on record don’t have to wait to see if their draft grades were correct.  Sure, it’s not fair to judge a player after a handful of games.  But this is football and we have Twitter, so pass judgment now and hope people are too busy to use advanced search later.

It’s fair to predict that these nice guys will embarrass the team infinitely less than, say, Cincinnati’s draftees.  The Bills added three promising young men in Tre’Davious White, Zay Jones, and Dion Dawkins.  We’ll soon see a ranger, catcher, and mauler, respectively.  They’re all going to have shots to show the attributes that got them drafted very soon.

A new coach, general manager, and pros can grow old together.  Even if it’s only five or six years, that’d be ancient in football terms.  Inexperience may as well be portrayed as a plus.

Young players don’t have old habits.  They can start learning from Sean McDermott fresh.  If nothing else, the new kids haven’t picked up bad tendencies under a loudmouth or petulant coach who was here previously.  We may end up loathing McDermott just like Rex Ryan or Doug Marrone, but for now we can appreciate what he’s not.

Now, Brandon Beane is on the clock even if he won’t get his first draft for almost a year.  The new general manager is presumably fine with who was added just before he was hired.  Like the man in charge of the roster, several prominent players are still figuring out which route to work has the best Tim Hortons.

Photo of Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane from NewYorkUpstate.com.

Inexperience means chances to learn if you’re stretching for a positive.  As usual, Buffalo’s fans don’t have the option to do otherwise.  Making the best of a bad situation is as ‘Billsian’ as it gets.

Whether it’s covering, completing routes, or blocking, it’s crucial to hit the ground running.  Incorporating the fresh guys is of even greater importance when there are more open competitions than is ideal.  If rookies are trying to look on the bright side, they should note there are ample chances to play from the first game on a team looking for many starters.  Initiation consists of proving the ability to play immediately.  It’s much better than pranks using Liquid Heat on sensitive areas.

Counting character is the first step toward more points..  A draft that focused on more than football was a good start.  Adding honor roll kids instead of juvenile delinquents is how pursue an offseason that’s boring in the right way.

There’s no guarantee adding Boy Scouts will tie foes in knots.  But this coach prioritizes enthusiasm over surliness with the hope it’ll show on the field.  Add diligent workers to affect results.  Well, I can’t think of a better plan.

The Bills have to start reseeding now if they want to grow anything this season.  Giant divots on the course are a parting gift from Doug Whaley.  The franchise was forced to replace him because he didn’t replace enough players.

These could finally be the athletes who break the trend.  Presuming the team did its job in finding players who can do theirs has been foolish over team history.  But any investor can tell you past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.  At least we’ll know sooner.

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6 thoughts on “Buffalo Bills Rookies Go to Head of the Class

  1. Thanks for the article Anthony! I like that the new Bills management/coaches drafted players that produced at a high level in college, but also aren’t trouble makers. Maybe we’ll see these guys produce on the field and they’ll keep their noses clean (hopefully no suspensions for failed drug tests/arrests, showing up badly out of shape, etc…). All of this remains to be seen. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

  2. No.

    I like some of the stuff Flick the Beane had to say…I don’t like that he said the Bills need to run and stop the run…that seems the goal of yesterday’s NFL. I do like that they don’t sound like they’re convinced TT is the answer at QB, but I don’t know why they’re not just rebuilding if they don’t think they have what it takes to contend. Get a great QB and these guys will work out. Don’t, and they’ll be the next former GM and coach. Ft Beane just better tell McDumbass to quit trading away draft picks to move up 6 spots unless it’s to draft a franchise QB.

  3. As long as Jones and Dawkins don’t turn out to be a bust like TJ Graham, then I don’t care if the Bills moved up to get them. The Bills needed a RT and WR, so we’ll see how well these two are.

  4. Percy Jones is already hurt… Already the perfect complimentary player to Percy Watkins!

  5. first practice open to the press is thursday (tomorrow) . hopefully we will learn something interesting.