Rotating Slowly With the Buffalo Bills

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It’s the Earth’s fault, really.  Spinning this slowly means every offseason lasts one million years.  It may technically be a bit shorter than that, but the feeling is what counts.  Football fans wish the warmth would get here and then leave so we can get to the real season that counts.

Teams are as antsy as deprived fans, although as professionals they appear more reserved.  Internally restless competitors can’t demonstrate qualitative gains until opportunities arrive, and September is as far away as the NFL playoffs are in the past.  It’s custom for us to not have a rooting interest.

I don’t know if a bill to rearrange the months would get through Congress.  Until that legislative goal is given the priority treatment it deserves, patience is in order.

Fans of this particular aggravating club know the drill, which is lucky in its way.  While the Buffalo Bills can’t control how quickly the days pass, they can use these interminable moments to affect the future.

Rookies who are impatient in a more general sense than us are entrusted with remedying our longterm maladies.  It’d be nice to confirm the hirings were wise to a team that thought they deserved a shot.  For now, they can only illustrate it by darting around during camps.

At least Zay Jones has time to heal if you want the bleakest upside that can be mustered.  He’s as eager to get back as you are to see it.  By then, he’ll be closer to attempting nice-looking routes and catches while being defended instead of unopposed in an empty stadium.

A new coach and general manager also want to show their new titles were earned.  Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane can only speak optimistically today.  They’re as frustrated as you are how can’t establish they’re geniuses or idiots until after the kids are back in school.

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Let’s speculate like it’s our role.  The changing Bills gave promotions to men whose previous top jobs were coordinator and assistant general manager, respectively.  With a combined career record of 0-0 while in charge, we’re all fidgety to see the first tangible results.

The people who can do the least urge the calendar to turn the fastest.  Fans have the toughest time waiting.  The psychological burden of terrible consistency weighs most heavily on those who’ve been following for long before anyone on the roster came to town.  Tre’Davious White wasn’t yet one year old at the time of the last Bills playoff win.  I hope Baby Tre enjoyed beating the Dolphins as much as we did.

The good news is that Buffalo’s fresh faces are not burdened with traumatic athletic memories like those cheering.  Tell the draftees the servers are down so we can’t presently access team history.  Their fresh faces offer inspiration to those wearied by countless failed playoff pushes.

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That endless feeling is natural to fans who habitually offer the greeting “Maybe next year” after the regular season finale.  It may be challenging to get pumped up despite stable results.  But this many unknowns for this season is actually a virtue.  We don’t know all the shortcomings yet.  Lack of evidence is optimism’s best friend.

Everyone involved wants the chance to prove they’ve turned it around.  This year’s club is hungry to establish trust.  But it’s impossible to flaunt advancement on account of how it’s the stupid spring.  A cashier fired during a checkered past because the till was short at every shift’s end is keen to show how the arithmetic is now square.  It’s just a struggle to find a trusting hiring manager first.

At least we know what pieces are available to be played.  The time after the draft is when the major components have been assembled, which means decent guesses about the depth chart can substitute for watching games.  No, it’s not quite as fun.  But we have to do something while waiting an eternity to see if it works.  Speculating about what Star Wars VIII means for the Jedi is how we cope with low Force levels.

The Bills may as well use this time to ensure the debut goes well.  I suspect the dang Patriots are doing the same, and they can’t afford to fall behind any further.  A 16-game season means hundreds of days for preparation per year.  All those repetitions are tough for those yearning to make everything else that’s happened this century a fluke.

We may as well be thankful for the opportunity to implement new schemes.  If you need to cast patience as a virtue, know that this is when games are won.  Teams with a history of failure want nothing more than to fix it now.  Naturally, they have to wait.  At least there’s been plenty of practice.

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  1. We’re rotating slowly with the Bills as in the orbit of Saturn which circles the sun every 29-1/2 earth years.
    The Bills haven’t been to the playoffs in only 7 Saturn months!