Bills Adolphus Washington tests new regime after arrest on gun charge

Photo of Bills DT Adolphus Washington from ESPN.com.

You knew it would happen at some point. Every year coaches send players on vacation before training camp praying they behave themselves. Unfortunately, Sean McDermott’s prayers were not answered on Monday when it was revealed DT Adolphus Washington was arrested over the weekend on gun charges.

After the entire fan base let out a collective “here we go again”, my thoughts immediately turned to the new regime, wondering how Brandon Bean and McDermott will handle this situation. It’s the first test of their “character comes first” approach to building a team.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they decide to part ways with Washington, a questionable pick in the first place. Washington didn’t have much of a rookie year in Rex Ryan’s 3-4 defense, one he is better suited to play than McDermott’s 4-3 based scheme. His lack of productivity (2.5 sacks, 21 tackles in 2016) combined with a scheme change is not likely to help his cause.

This is where the rubber meets the road for the new regime. Out to prove they can instill a culture change at One Bills Drive, McDermott and Beane now have a chance to prove they mean what they say. Swift action to rid the team of the “me first” attitude that has dogged the Bills over the years, even at the expense of losing a third round draft pick will be necessary for fans to ‘BILLieve’ this regime means what it says about the importance of character.

Photo of Bills GM Brandon Beane from NewYorkUpstate.com.

While losing a player because of character issues is rarely a plus for any team initially, a risk/benefit analysis must be done in these types of situations. What do the Bills risk by releasing a depth player who is no longer a good fit in their scheme?

Washington was drafted with the hope that he could eventually replace Kyle Williams who is getting up in years. After a forgettable rookie year, that goal now looks out of reach (as if it was attainable in the first place, sigh). Beane and McDermott now have an opportunity to show the world they mean what they say about the importance of “team first” and behaving like responsible adults.

Photo of Sean McDermott from buffalobills.com.

So… what say you, BillsMafia? How do you expect Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott to respond to their first “character issue” on their team? Unless there are mitigating circumstances yet to be revealed, I’ll be surprised if Washington is on the Bills roster for training camp. Let us know your thoughts about the situation in the comment section.

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13 thoughts on “Bills Adolphus Washington tests new regime after arrest on gun charge

  1. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Until all the facts are known about the case, you can’t say “the Bills should do this” or “Beane/McDermott should do that.” Last year, McCoy was involved in a scuffle with off-duty police officers, but no charges were filed and from what the reports were saying, the off-duty police officers were the aggressors.

    IMO, this is a huge problem with the media in this country. The media is quick to get a story out as they want to be the first with “breaking news” and want to get ratings, but they don’t take the time to get the story correct. Let’s get all the facts before we pass judgment.

    • Steve, this isn’t the first time though he has been a dumbass . Again though, if the story is true that he had no permit and showed the gun with the cops only a few feet away…………..allegedly.

      • I heard about his prior incident on soliciting a prostitute. If he was a dumbass in this situation, then he should face repercussions. As we know in sports, this kind of stuff has been and will continue to go on (athlete’s getting in trouble with the law).

  2. I dunno, even if they release him, are they really making much of a statement? To me the statement would be “don’t do dumb chit if you’re a mediocre player.” Let’s see them part ways with an important player and I might buy what they’re selling.

    As for this particular incident…I guess the details matter. From the little info available, it sounds like the situation was unrelated to Washington, but police came and this is where the details are sketchy…was he just offering up the fact he had a gun to avoid any confrontation? If that’s what happened, I’d be a bit hard pressed to release the guy over it. Stupid to have a gun in your possession unlawfully, yes, but if that’s the extent of it…I dunno. Here’s what was reported:
    Washington “reached for and displayed a gun while sitting inside his vehicle; just feet away from officers. The suspect did not inform officers beforehand.”
    Based on that, he’s either a frickin’ moron (entirely possible either way,) but I can’t imagine why he would do something so randomly idiotic, or he was attempting to do what I posed above and was trying to avoid confrontation. So basically, if he was looking for the confrontation…sure, cut him. If he was attempting to avoid it, then I think releasing him is an extreme.

  3. Did you even read why he was processed? He has a legal concealed carry in Ohio. He just went about the wrong way telling officers he had a weapon. This sounds like an innocent mistake to me. He didn’t threaten anyone, didn’t hide it. He was processed and released. Go ahead and jump on your righteous persecution train. Let’s judge him and persecute him before we know all the facts! Typical media hype and bullshit!! Is making a mistake a “character” problem?? Or are you just an anti gun nut??

    • FTR, I probably own more guns than you do. I stated clearly the facts need to be established but let me repeat it again for you… IF IF IF it’s established that he was dumb enough to be taunting police officers as was alleged … I have zero problem if he gets released by the Bills.

      Thanks for your comments!

  4. I thought he played very well last season and the bills will need him for depth. let the league give him 2 games off and do not cut him.

  5. I stopped reading when it said he’s better suited for a 3-4 scheme…that’s wrong, Adolphus Washington is a 4-3 defensive tackle.

    At least get writers who know what they’re talking about.

  6. Did you read the scouting report you linked? Or for that matter Kyle Williams scouting report http://www.scout.com/nfl/story/462369-nfl-draft-scouting-report-kyle-Williams? It clearly states while Washington has experience in the 3-4, he is best suited for the 4-3. His style of play is identical to that of KW. Scouting reports are like media coverage. They all need to be taken with a grain of salt. I think it would be safe to say KW has had a pretty successful career in spite of his pre-draft report. I have always appreciated your articles until this one. From what I have read so far he is possibly guilty of a misdemeanor. But I’ll wait until the verdict is in before I pose sentence.

  7. Good morning…

    This sounds like a case that will be thrown out and no charges filed.. He is not going any where except to training camp on 7/26..

    he’ll be a decent back-up and can push for a playing time as KW is long in the tooth and should get spelled more often. Plus, he can play both 3-4 and the 4-3. I though he had his moments but ran into the rookie wall with the 16 game schedule.