Bills Camp Tweet Sweep: Wed August 2

Photo of Buffalo Bills training camp schedule from buffalobills.com.

If you aren’t available to attend training camp practices or following along live on Twitter during practice, we’ve got you covered at the BillsMafia blog. After each practice we will post a timeline of tweets from selected reporters and fans who attended practice.

Anyone attending camp who is interested in contributing to our Bills Camp Tweet Sweep, please contact Robyn Mundy on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO for more details. 

As the team prepares for their sixth practice Wednesday morning, the fourth practice in pads, we’re crossing our fingers every player stays healthy. Here are some issues/questions I’ll be focusing on during this practice session:

  1. Again, rotation at RT & how Mills, Henderson, and Dawkins look.
  2. The Toldozer (RB Mike Tolbert): will he win RB2 position?
  3. Depth at LG while Richie Incognito has a day off for rest.
  4. Progress with Tyrod Taylor’s short and intermediate passes?
  5. How is depth at WR progressing? Holmes? Streater?
  6. Are DBs forming some chemistry?
  7. Logan Thomas vs. Nick O’Leary?
  8. Depth along interior defensive line.

OK, let’s get rolling with our tweet sweep:

Editor’s babble: And that’s a wrap for the Bills Camp Tweet Sweep for training camp practice on Wednesday. The next practice will be on Thursday at St. John Fisher College at 8:45 a.m. ET.  If you plan to attend, please contact @RobynMundyWYO if you’d like to contribute to our Tweet Sweep. Thanks again and let us know your thoughts in our comment section. Have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “Bills Camp Tweet Sweep: Wed August 2

  1. Thanks again Robyn! Glad to see Hyde’s injury is nothing serious. I hate to say it, but it seems there’s always a serious injury in the offseason that a player ends either on IR or misses significant time in the regular season.

  2. Seems the O-line continues to struggle with pass protection. They’ll be good in run blocking. I’m not sure if there will be an improvement in the passing game, but so far during training camp, the Bills have been doing a lot of WR screens to Watkins (something they haven’t done that much before and something Watkins excelled at in college), plus it sounds like McCoy is going to get a lot of passes out of the backfield. We’ll see what kind of impact that will have. Last year, Greg Roman tried making Taylor more of a pocket passer and that experiment failed miserably. I hope Dennison doesn’t make the same mistakes.

    • I agree steve- so much shuffling on the line, same old story unfortunately but one that won’t go ignored any longer in the draft or free agency.

      anyone worried about the dolphins and jay cutler? sounds wierd but the conditions are right for him to do really well as long as his decision making can be checked. a very good o-line, impressive running game a pro bowl wide receiver with a solid no. 2 and I am seriously concerned about them.
      he was victim of a perfect storm in chicago and was never given the supporting team or coaching to succeed. they completely squandered his capabilities.
      could be a big story this year.

      • I can see Cutler having a season similar to Pennington’s with the Dolphins. I can see the Dolphins finishing 2nd in the AFC East with Cutler.

        With the Bills this season, it’s hard to tell so far. I think we’re expecting them to be better on defense, but how well will they do? Will they get to where they were with Pettine? It would be great to see them get back to where they were with Schwartz, or would somewhere in between Schwartz and Pettine be more realistic? With the offense, will there be a drop off, especially if Dennison tries to make Taylor throw it more?

        Glenn’s foot has been continuing to be a problem. Just seems every time a GM/coach tries to downplay an injury, it always turns out for the worst. I expect this to be a problem in the regular season. Last year, we were told Shaq’s shoulder wouldn’t be an issue when he was drafted and look how that turned out. Also, Sammy’s offseason injury which hampered in during the regular season.