New regime at One Bills Drive show they mean business with blockbuster moves

Photo of Brandon Beane from whectv.com.

The new sheriffs in Orchard Park sent a tsunami through the middle of the BillsMafia FAMbase on Friday, reminding everyone they mean what they say about building through the draft.  If anyone still believes the “same old Bills” made huge blunders after trading Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby, I’ve got some ocean beach front property for sale in Wyoming (just down the road from the Yellowstone Super Volcano) for your consideration.

After literally gasping at my phone as news of the trades flashed across my Twitter timeline, I picked up my jaw off the floor and literally had to sit down and take a minute to digest the news, pretty much how most of BillsMafia probably felt. My gut reaction actually surprised me as I calmly thought through the implications of the trades.

That reaction in itself suggested I’ve either completely burned out my adrenal glands after too many decades as a Buffalo sports fan or I’m “trusting the process” because I’m too exhausted to do anything else at this point.

Or… perhaps there’s a fundamentally positive change at One Bills Drive and I’m picking up the vibes that for once it’s not lip service and the Bills organization really is getting its act together in the front office.

I’ll stay in my lane and leave the analytics of the trades to the masters of x’s and o’s and focus on my area of intrigue; the behavioral changes I see happening at One Bills Drive that are now major contributors to culture change. It seems like some of these changes are flying under the radar regarding just how much they impact the culture there.

Here are some items for your consideration that support my contention this new regime in the Bills front office means what it says about emphasizing culture in building a successful NFL franchise.

Leaks have been virtually eliminated from front office

Photo of Bills VP of Communications, Derek Boyko from buffalobills.com.

Has Jason LaCanfora or any other national media reporter leaked anything substantial out of One Bills Drive since Brandon Beane was hired? Seems like about 90% of the leakage that was happening prior to Derek Boyko being hired as Vice President of Communications has stopped. The other 10% appear to have been eliminated after Beane was hired.

Whatever the reason, the Bills front office is finally running like professional organization instead of small town gossip center. It was evident by John Murphy’s shock when the news was delivered on his radio show live that he was taken by surprise. That in itself is reassuring that this front office now controls the flow of information in a much more professional manner.

We simultaneously loathe and envy the Patriots organization for their ability to completely control the flow of information from their organization. Their proven success is reason enough to emulate it and I couldn’t be more thrilled about these changes at One Bills Drive.

New regime places very high value on character traits

This is what completely sold me on the Bills new regime. Anyone who’s read my babble over the last couple of decades knows I’ve been preaching about the intangible aspects of character that contribute to a winning mindset.

Trading Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby took some serious chutzpah on their part. But what it clearly said to me is that this regime really does value players who have the kind of psychological makeup THEY deem a proper fit.

Why on earth should any fan be shocked by this? Again, look at successful teams like the Patriots, Steelers, and Packers organizations… they all have a specific type of player they want in their organization and have long recognized the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Why is it a sin giving Sean McDermott so much power?

Photo from coachingsearch.com.

The national media (and some in the local area) seem to focus on the unprecedented power afforded to a first-time head coach in Sean McDermott. Even Rex Ryan whined he wished he had that much power as a head coach of the Bills (as if that somehow would have made the outcome of his tenure any different).

Why on earth are people obsessing about this? What proof is there that only experienced head coaches can handle that much power? Has anyone considered the possibility McDermott convinced the Pegulas to do so because his extraordinary attention to detail and leadership skills are truly special? Are we that beaten down as fans that we find it hard to believe someone extraordinary would choose to coach the Bills?

The bottom line here as fans is that we really have no control over what happens at One Bills Drive. We can choose to embrace change, reject it, or be apathetic about it, the choice is ours. I choose to embrace it because the emphasis on the intangible aspects of the game is something I’ve yearned for over the decades of disappointment as a Bills fan.

Besides, I’ve learn to adapt to the philosophy that if this Bills regime change is just one more massive failure, it will be heaped upon 17 years of massive failure. What’s one more? Remember, we’re 90% scar tissue by now and there’s no fan base in history who has learned to cope with epic failure more than ours.

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Robyn Mundy

About Robyn Mundy

Robyn Mundy is a retired oncology nurse and psychotherapist who loves to write about her life-long passion for the Buffalo Bills, and occasionally something of clinical or social relevance. She lives with her husband Gary and their dogs in the shadow of the glorious Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Robyn is also a proud founding sponsor. Follow her on Twitter at @RobynMundyWYO.

9 thoughts on “New regime at One Bills Drive show they mean business with blockbuster moves

  1. “If anyone still believes the “same old Bills” made huge blunders after trading Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby, I’ve got some ocean beach front property for sale in Wyoming (just down the road from the Yellowstone Super Volcano) for your consideration.”

    The entire front office from Beane (Panthers), Schoen (Dolphins), Gaine (Texans), Boyd (Cardinals), Boyd (Vikings), Dawson (Browns), McDermott (Panthers)…all come from organizations who are not much better than the Bills have been in the past decade, and they’re certainly nothing to brag about or put much trust into.

    Being able to get Sam Darnold would make all of this worth it, I’d trade Shady, Tyrod and every other veteran for a chance at him…but we’re not going to be worse than the Jets and Browns, therefore there is zero chance we will have a shot at getting that QB, no matter how many quality draft picks we stockpile.

    You can’t rebuild and continue to tread water, we saw that with the Sabres. Until they fully embraced a rebuild, sold off veterans and stockpiled picks to get a legitimate franchise player in Jack Eichel. Tim Murray set up the future and now Botterill can build upon that.

    Beane still has to set up the future, and find a face of the franchise/franchise player…and until he does that, it will be nothing more than “the same old Bills.”

    (And even though I loved Tim Murray, Jason Botterill comes from a winning organization. He comes from a team that consistently wins, and is back-to-back champions. I wanted Beane and McDermott from my exposure to them after living in South Carolina for two years, but now I find myself doubting them because they’ve never built a team that won anything. They’ve never even worked for anyone who built a winning team, like Botterill did with Jim Rutherford. And the two things the Panthers could never get right? The WR position and the secondary, the two positions from which they just traded their top players. That’s not promising.)

      • Hi Shnooks, thanks for your comments. I view the Panthers as a MUCH more successful organization over the last decade than the Bills. They made a Super Bowl appearance & made the playoffs. That seems a far cry away from the Bills record over the last decade. Thanks again for contributing to our blog! Robyn

  2. Good morning….

    Now that the dust has settled on the trades, I’m going into a positive mode after first throwing up my hands and going WTF!!

    The Bills were not going to give Sammy the type of money he wanted even if he had an outstanding season. He would have walked next year and can still do it to the Rams. Even though he had a 12 million $$ bonus when he was drafted he is now making far less then ex Bill Woods who just signed a 5 year $39 million deal with 15 guaranteed… I wonder how that will sit with Sammy.

    This isn’t like letting Gilmour go, Gilmour tanked last year and the fans won’t forgive that attitude. Sammy was likeable and we all wished he could have developed into the superstar that we feel he can become.. I have nothing but best wishes for him and I’ll certainly keep an eye on his career.

    Darby fell out of favor last year and was benched after his rookie season where he almost won D rookie of the year… Good luck to him.

    With all the draft picks the Bills will be moving up & down the draft as shown by this year where they saw a player they wanted (Z. Jones & Dawkins) and pulled the trigger to move up and get them…

    I didn’t know what to expect going into this season and I surely don’t now. In years past most would give the Bills time to implement the changes but with the futility of the last 17 years we have become disillusioned and most of all impatient to see results… It’s a whole new regime from top to bottom so history says it will take time to be a contender… Can we wait —we have no choice as we have to wait !! But, we need to see progress on the field !! I can’t describe the progress to the fullness other to say that I’ll know it when I see it.


  3. I understand the “whys” of dealing Watkins though it still comes off like a gut punch.
    If this season winds up in the gutter before halloween the fans will get restless and point back to this move as the cause.
    Not going to look so smart at that point.

  4. Nellie, it is a trade that only time will tell if it was a right move. Hopefully, they get more out of it then when they traded Lynch for what turned out to be Tank Garder and OT Hairston…

    I agree that it felt like a gut punch as we were all hoping that his foot problems were behind him. Smart Move or Stupid Move won’t be known for a couple of years.

  5. The season will be crap, but not as crap as it needs to be. But so what? If the Bills ever draft a great QB, they’ll probably just trade him for Andy Dalton and a 2nd round pick… #Billsy

  6. Good morning…

    It will be interesting to see how the Rams passing offense goes with the Bills #1 & #2 receivers from last year…

    Mathews left practice with a chest injury, it hasn’treleased how sever.

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