About Rick Bates

Rick Bates has been a Bills fan since they drafted a Heisman Trophy winner out of USC in 1969, or at least, that's what his dad says. He survived the Bills of the '70's, grew with them in the early '80's, rode the wave with them through the Super Bowl years, and has tested his allegiance with them since then. He's still here, though.

Five things I’ve been thinkin’ on this week. Bills related, that is.

 Tyrod Taylor needs to throw over the middle.  I’ve written on this before.  Someone needs to introduce him to our tight ends, and he needs to, at the very least, make defensive coordinators, and players, think he might throw there. Continue reading

The road to the playoffs begins today but it’s a steep hill to climb

As I lay awake last night, letting my mind wander from thought to thought (because that’s what I do at my age now), suddenly, this random thought snuck into my train of consciousness…Oh yeah, I have an article to write Continue reading