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Robyn Mundy is a retired oncology nurse and psychotherapist who loves to write about her life-long passion for the Buffalo Bills, and occasionally something of clinical or social relevance. She lives with her husband Gary and their dogs in the shadow of the glorious Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Robyn is also a proud founding sponsor. Follow her on Twitter at @RobynMundyWYO.

Buffalo Bills assembling ‘All-Star’ front office staff

The Buffalo Bills have come a long way since the days of renting a handful of BLESTO scouts to identify potential draft picks, as was the case for many years when Mr. Wilson owned the team. Never one to spend Continue reading

Buffalo Bills: why this ‘reboot’ might actually work

With our hearts nearly fossilized from the “Dynasty of Despair”, we once again find ourselves hoping the ninth reboot for the Buffalo Bills since 2000 will save us from eternal damnation as an NFL fan base. It’s a constant battle Continue reading

BillsWire: Here’s what anonymous scouts said about Bills’ draft picks

Every year, Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel does terrific draft reviews of players, and this year was no exception. He polled anonymous scouts before the 2017 NFL Draft, so BillsWire collected their comments regarding players the Buffalo Bills Continue reading

BillsWire: Sean McDermott’s emphasis on character traits obvious in draft

True to his word, Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott showed how much he prioritizes character traits by selecting players with a strong resume in that regard. Here are a list of accomplishments by each draft pick selected, hot off the Continue reading