A little football is a good distraction for Buffalo Bills fans

Tyrod Taylor has a short debut in first preseason game against the Colts. Photo from www.buffalobills.com.

The Buffalo Bills looked okay, I think. Maybe? The suspension news is bleak, so let’s focus on guessing things could be good as a distraction. It’s easier to figure out how a whole season of an HBO show will unfold Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Fans Didn’t Sign Up for This

Stephon Gilmore arrives in Buffalo. Photo from buffalobills.com.

Nothing lasts forever, which is good news for Buffalo Bills fans this century. The tough times are bound to change as long as competent people are affecting events. So, there’s no problem, right? All that’s necessary for change is avoiding injuries among Continue reading

Camp Trains Buffalo Bills Fans

Photo from www.buffalobills.com

Break out the medicine balls, as it’s time to sweat away the off-season pie weight. Oh… you guys are in shape? Well, that’s a good start.  Everyone but the suspended backup who’s striving to catch up seems like they’ve been doing their sit-ups. Continue reading

Chance to Lose Fair and Square is All the Bills Want

Bills Manny Lawson chasing down Tom Brady. Photo from www.sportsinsights.com

A team that loses honestly is still losing.  Conversely, beating the stupid Patriots counts no matter who stands behind center. Tom Brady is officially going to miss one-quarter of the season… if you thought there could be no awesome football Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Running With Their Story

Photo of Lesean McCoy from fantasyknuckleheads.com

Didn’t everything used to be wonderful? Selective recollection can lead an unleashed brain to happy memories created at Crystal Beach and Your Host. And sports fans can naturally recall the strategies of decades past that allowed beloved legends to utilize what Continue reading