Chance to Lose Fair and Square is All the Bills Want

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A team that loses honestly is still losing.  Conversely, beating the stupid Patriots counts no matter who stands behind center. Tom Brady is officially going to miss one-quarter of the season… if you thought there could be no awesome football Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Running With Their Story

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Didn’t everything used to be wonderful? Selective recollection can lead an unleashed brain to happy memories created at Crystal Beach and Your Host. And sports fans can naturally recall the strategies of decades past that allowed beloved legends to utilize what Continue reading

Buddy Ryan’s Loss Hurts Beyond Football

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Football lost a legend. Two Buffalo Bills coaches lost a father. Buddy Ryan was a football character who gave football character. His instantly recognizable defenses were a joy to watch as long as you weren’t a Patriots fan in the mid-1980s. Continue reading

Cleveland Drops From Rankings as Buffalo Bills Go on the Clock

Cleveland Cavaliers Win 2016 NBA title. Photo from

Buffalo is officially the galaxy’s most tortured sports city, so thanks for that, LeBron.  The man who proved Drew Carey right proved the universe would not collapse if Cleveland won something.  Northeast Ohio’s first title since the Mesozoic Era means anything Continue reading

In Orchard Park or Not, Buffalo Bills Are at Home

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Generalissimo Roger Goodell likes everything about his native Western New York apart from the things he dislikes. It’ll only cost a few hundred million bucks to make him happy. Hinting how the region needs a new stadium even though it’s totally okay Continue reading