Buffalo Bills Need to Get Stories Straight, and That’s the Truth

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Looking at a schedule while calculating the number of months it takes for a stranger to recover from surgery: being a football fan is weird. At least the absurdity distracts from angst. Shaq Lawson might not be back until after Continue reading

Memories Never Retire as Buffalo Bills Honor Bruce Smith

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Retiring numbers is a numbers game. Bruce Smith is one of the best defensive ends in NFL history, not just the Buffalo Bills. This makes shelving 78 a call as obvious as starting him during the Super Bowl. Fans would be Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Shaq Pick Can’t Be Attacked

Shaq Lawson at the 2016 NFL Combine. Photo from www.foxsports.com

These are baffling times for Buffalo Bills fans unaccustomed to competence. It’s sometimes nice to feel confused. The 2010 versions of us were used to a perpetually struggling team making superfluous first choices at the NFL Draft. Instead, enjoy another Continue reading

No Long-Term Extension for Buffalo Bills Tyrod Taylor in Short Term

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It’s always good to save money even if you’re presently sitting on a pile of twenties. Clipping coupons isn’t beneath the wealthy; in fact, saving 50 cents on every Cheez-It box could over time enable a move from Baltic Avenue Continue reading

No More Days Off as Ryan, Buffalo Bills Must End Drought

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Rex Ryan plans to win a championship right after he figures out which days are not for working. It’s our fault for thinking a second-time coach would have mundane details such as scheduling matters in order. Fans debated subtleties his tone Continue reading