Best/Worst Players from Bills’ playoff drought: Defense

Well, the offensive part of this mini-series sure did ignite some spirited twitter discussion. Really, that’s what makes sports so fun, the back and forth that can be had between friends and strangers over the love of a sport and/or Continue reading

Five things I’ve been thinkin’ on this week. Bills related, that is.

 Tyrod Taylor needs to throw over the middle.  I’ve written on this before.  Someone needs to introduce him to our tight ends, and he needs to, at the very least, make defensive coordinators, and players, think he might throw there. Continue reading

Getting the Job Done All That Counts for Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills fans have never been so eager to forget wins.  The most recent struggle involved putting down a team everybody mentally marks as a victory on the schedule.  Struggling through attempting to make the purportedly inevitable a reality is Continue reading