Losing Bad Memories Key to Buffalo Bills Winning

Dropping baggage is the easiest way to gain speed.  Leaving behind what’s holding you back is good advice for everyone, whether watching or participating.  It’s especially important if someone’s chasing. A team can’t remain tied to its depressing past if Continue reading

As Usual, Buffalo Bills Try Changing Everything

This time is different.  It’s undetermined whether that’s a statement or question.  Buffalo Bills fans are participating in the annual ritual of convincing themselves the upcoming season will be the pleasant anomaly.  Cheering for an exception is like watching a Continue reading

California Scheming Helps Buffalo Bills Think of Winter Days

Two victories in a row isn’t enough for you? Man, you’re demanding. Well, I guess that’s not asking too much. Entirely reasonable goals are nice to meet. It’s not as if Buffalo Bills fans have much recent experience with moderately-sustained Continue reading

Buffalo Bills’ Pleasant Week Is a Good Start

It’s nice when debate camps are split between “They’re going to the Super Bowl!” versus “They’re going to blow this!” A lead brings out personalities in an uplifting way that Buffalo Bills fans finally got to experience. The Rorschach test’s Continue reading

Playoff Dreams End as Headlines Never Change for Buffalo Bills

Losing that disappointingly was a formality. The exhibition schedule should end in early September.  But meaningless football is a specialty in these parts.  An end to tournament chances is not the reason you want to rest your starters. The worst Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Get One More Reason to Loathe Tom Brady, Patriots

Do the Patriots want Matt Cassel back?  It’ll cost them.  The underhanded franchise’s incumbent quarterback will miss one-quarter of a season for illicitly altering the sport to his benefit.  Tom Brady wasn’t ruining football just by being unpleasant.  Great: now replay the Continue reading

Rex Ryan Helps Buffalo Bills Get Noticed

It might be easier to list who didn’t interview for the Buffalo Bills coaching job.  Bill Belichick is under contract to some other team, while Hank Bullough seems content in retirement.  This franchise considered just about everyone else connected to Continue reading

Grading the Buffalo Bills Through Nine Weeks

In grading the Buffalo Bills through nine weeks of the 2014 NFL season, I’m taking a look back at how I’ve graded the team on a week by week basis (how I would have graded them in the case of Continue reading