Buffalo Bills Fans Hope to Someday Cheer for More Than a Loss

The Super Bowl offered a helpful reminder to those who forgot life is pain.  Like Bart Simpson found out about Hell, you don’t get used to it. Watching your greatest enemy triumph yet again should feel more indifferent once it’s this Continue reading

Receivers vs. Linemen: What’s the Best Way to Help a Young QB

With the ninth overall selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills are probably going to select a player that will help second year quarterback EJ Manuel improve his play. With that said, what type of player is necessary Continue reading

Dylan Stebbins’ Post-Free Agency Mock Draft

A lot of teams and pundits will tell two big falsities leading up to the draft: free agency doesn’t impact draft decision making and teams don’t draft for need. Those are two huge lies. Teams ignore need when there’s an Continue reading