Camp Trains Buffalo Bills Fans

Break out the medicine balls, as it’s time to sweat away the off-season pie weight. Oh… you guys are in shape? Well, that’s a good start.  Everyone but the suspended backup who’s striving to catch up seems like they’ve been doing their sit-ups. Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Shaq Pick Can’t Be Attacked

These are baffling times for Buffalo Bills fans unaccustomed to competence. It’s sometimes nice to feel confused. The 2010 versions of us were used to a perpetually struggling team making superfluous first choices at the NFL Draft. Instead, enjoy another Continue reading

No More Days Off as Ryan, Buffalo Bills Must End Drought

Rex Ryan plans to win a championship right after he figures out which days are not for working. It’s our fault for thinking a second-time coach would have mundane details such as scheduling matters in order. Fans debated subtleties his tone Continue reading

Complaining About The Buffalo Bills Is A Gift From The Pegulas

The Pegulas are successful owners based on the most important definition. People who see nothing but scores would note there’s ample in-game work left for the teams in the couple’s portfolio, and they’re right. But there’s a reason the Pegulas Continue reading

Football’s Done and Just Getting Started for League and Buffalo Bills

It’s sad how this week is the longest possible point before football that counts. But the good news is we can only get closer unless Doctor Who is a documentary.  Disappointment about Coldplay being connected to America’s sport will fade Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Get Time Off for Learning Good Behavior

If progress follows growing after trying times, the Buffalo Bills could be in good shape.  Of course, they have to learn from the woe presently being endured.  The suffering is nothing novel.  Character provided through encountering the same scenario is Continue reading

Not Much Learning When Substitutes Are in for Buffalo Bills

Confirmation of the quarterback race’s result isn’t as pleasant a distraction as hoped.  Another tough loss in front of thousands on their side can’t be entirely pinned on EJ Manuel, anyway.  The Buffalo Bills need to make use of their Continue reading

Three Quarterback Options, Zero or One Starters for Buffalo Bills

Every current Buffalo Bills quarterback has the chance to seize an amazing opportunity.  We merely need one to realize it. Starters at every other non-right tackle position are settled for good reason, as the widespread supremacy of talent is unquestioned.  Continue reading