Buffalo Bills assembling ‘All-Star’ front office staff

The Buffalo Bills have come a long way since the days of renting a handful of BLESTO scouts to identify potential draft picks, as was the case for many years when Mr. Wilson owned the team. Never one to spend Continue reading

Buffalo Bills: why this ‘reboot’ might actually work

With our hearts nearly fossilized from the “Dynasty of Despair”, we once again find ourselves hoping the ninth reboot for the Buffalo Bills since 2000 will save us from eternal damnation as an NFL fan base. It’s a constant battle Continue reading

Consistency Overrated for Underperforming Buffalo Franchises

Compared to the Bills, the Sabres aren’t so bad.  How’s that for One Buffalo?  Note it’s not “Buffalo Won”.  Disappointment should have created more numbness by now.  The Skating Bills are just getting warmed up. The football wing is unimpressed Continue reading

New Buffalo Bills Venue Cost of Doing Business for Pegulas

Extorting taxpayers is an NFL tradition like teams everyone hates in the Super Bowl or not knowing what a catch is.  The league should be happy to pay for stadiums if they’re such good deals.  But they’d rather bill governments, Continue reading

Sharing Frustration About the Buffalo Bills With the Pegulas

The Pegulas are winners.  Well, it’s true for everything but sports.  Buffalo fans wait patiently for their favorite couple to do for their franchises what they have for Canalside, as if there’s another choice.  The elation has faded from their Continue reading

Another Forgettable Buffalo Bills Season Still Leaves Bad Memories

The Buffalo Bills season was over a few weeks ago.  Getting swept by the blasted Jets made it official.  That nice touch didn’t make the emptiness any less vast.  The bad plays still hurt while the rare successes inspired only Continue reading