Nobody Should Feel Safe After Buffalo Bills Lock Themselves Out Again

Whispers about changing personnel mean a team’s in good shape, right?  We may never know if the Buffalo Bills play badly because of rumors or if there are rumors because they’ve played badly.  The one certainty is that we all Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Remain Reliably Unreliable

Does fortune hate us?  Or is it indifferent?  And what does it look like?  I picture someone snotty wearing a Patriots jersey.  Whatever the concept’s appearance, it laughs at Buffalo Bills fans who felt like they had a win in the Continue reading

Time for a Fresh Start from Spoiler Buffalo Bills

We knew the result before the score. The official end to the present Buffalo Bills take on disappointment was predictable in an unpleasant way, even though helping the Jets be Jets-like was more fun than expected. At least these players Continue reading

Teams Buffalo Bills Fans Should Watch Out For: AFC Playoff Competition

After a last-second win delivered by their new (old) quarterback and #1 wide receiver, the Buffalo Bills sit at 4-3 overall through 7 games of the 2014 season.  This places them alone in 2nd place in the AFC East, just Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Preseason Preview, Storylines to Watch vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Buffalo Bills earned a victory last week over the Carolina Panthers in the first “official” preseason game, and this week the team will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers for their third contest. Although the Bills were able to come away Continue reading

The Samuelson Slant: Trading Down Draft Strategy

Last week on the Samuelson Slant I told you the benefits of trading up in the draft, amidst rumors of the Bills moving to the first overall selection. After Jadeveon Clowney’s Pro Day in the South Carolina sun, it is Continue reading