Would Better Buffalo Bills Results Mean Happier Reporting?

Negativity often means reporting what the Buffalo Bills did.  Typically depressing game results make it hard to be optimistic, especially when chances are so high that a season will end in letdown.  It’s tricky to assess the media’s crabbiness when they Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Dominate! (Against Cleveland)

The Buffalo Bills couldn’t win.  Sure, beating the league’s remedial franchise will be credited toward their record.  But besting Cleveland is the bingo card’s center space.  Even those who specialize in checkers are supposed to take their king in four moves, Continue reading

Nobody Should Feel Safe After Buffalo Bills Lock Themselves Out Again

Whispers about changing personnel mean a team’s in good shape, right?  We may never know if the Buffalo Bills play badly because of rumors or if there are rumors because they’ve played badly.  The one certainty is that we all Continue reading

Good Versus Evil As Buffalo Bills Battle Irrelevance

The surest way to feel miserable is to measure oneself against what others have. So, let’s wallow in that. Knowing nothing but charlie horses and missed buses leads to resignation about broader subjects. Buffalo Bills fans play alone on the Continue reading

Nothing to Do But Note the Buffalo Bills Have Nothing to Do

There’s no game just because they didn’t make the postseason? That’s so cruel. The flushing-the-goldfish finality of an action-free Sunday always feels so abrupt. I do hope members of the Buffalo Bills are having a rougher time with the absence Continue reading

Time for a Fresh Start from Spoiler Buffalo Bills

We knew the result before the score. The official end to the present Buffalo Bills take on disappointment was predictable in an unpleasant way, even though helping the Jets be Jets-like was more fun than expected. At least these players Continue reading

Playoff Dreams End as Headlines Never Change for Buffalo Bills

Losing that disappointingly was a formality. The exhibition schedule should end in early September.  But meaningless football is a specialty in these parts.  An end to tournament chances is not the reason you want to rest your starters. The worst Continue reading