Rex Ryan Fades Away as Buffalo Bills Burn Out

Rex Ryan will have plenty to say about getting fired with nothing to back it up.  The Pegulas completed the easy part of a hard process.  The good news is they only have two franchises to fix.  That doesn’t seem Continue reading

Buffalo ‘BILLding’ team chemistry we haven’t seen for decades

Something very peculiar is happening in the pro football world along the lee shores of Lake Erie. Something we haven’t seen for decades. The Buffalo Bills are “BILLding” a type of team chemistry that just might break the 16-year playoff Continue reading

Buddy Ryan’s Loss Hurts Beyond Football

Football lost a legend. Two Buffalo Bills coaches lost a father. Buddy Ryan was a football character who gave football character. His instantly recognizable defenses were a joy to watch as long as you weren’t a Patriots fan in the mid-1980s. Continue reading

Nothing to Do But Note the Buffalo Bills Have Nothing to Do

There’s no game just because they didn’t make the postseason? That’s so cruel. The flushing-the-goldfish finality of an action-free Sunday always feels so abrupt. I do hope members of the Buffalo Bills are having a rougher time with the absence Continue reading