Unanswered Questions Getting Fans Through Buffalo Bills Training Camp

Thank the Buffalo Bills for making us versatile humans.  We’re more well-rounded than we’d like.  Getting back to other hobbies in January isn’t the gift of time we seek.  Training camp is about hoping the fun lasts through 2017. That’s Continue reading

Easy Summer for Buffalo Bills’ LeSean McCoy, Please

I don’t want to hear how LeSean McCoy is doing.  It’s nothing against him.  In fact, I hope we become BFFs.  A personal update is fine if he wants to share what’s going on outside of football.  Let him tell Continue reading

Camp Trains Buffalo Bills Fans

Break out the medicine balls, as it’s time to sweat away the off-season pie weight. Oh… you guys are in shape? Well, that’s a good start.  Everyone but the suspended backup who’s striving to catch up seems like they’ve been doing their sit-ups. Continue reading