The way they lose is why Buffalo Bills break fans’ hearts

It’s not whether you win or lose…it’s how you lose the game. The Buffalo Bills have been 0-2 at the start of the NFL season before. Yes, with the next two games likely to be losses, too (Arizona Cardinals & Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Fans Didn’t Sign Up for This

Nothing lasts forever, which is good news for Buffalo Bills fans this century. The tough times are bound to change as long as competent people are affecting events. So, there’s no problem, right? All that’s necessary for change is avoiding injuries among Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Draft History Series Pt. 3 – Grading the 2011-2015 NFL Draft Selections

Editor’s Babble: Well, we didn’t exactly expect our #BillsMafia blog to be down at such a crucial time before the draft, so we are going to publish a few “must read” articles in preparation for the 2016 NFL Draft, which Continue reading