Losing Bad Memories Key to Buffalo Bills Winning

Dropping baggage is the easiest way to gain speed.  Leaving behind what’s holding you back is good advice for everyone, whether watching or participating.  It’s especially important if someone’s chasing. A team can’t remain tied to its depressing past if Continue reading

Cleveland Drops From Rankings as Buffalo Bills Go on the Clock

Buffalo is officially the galaxy’s most tortured sports city, so thanks for that, LeBron.  The man who proved Drew Carey right proved the universe would not collapse if Cleveland won something.  Northeast Ohio’s first title since the Mesozoic Era means anything Continue reading

Football’s Done and Just Getting Started for League and Buffalo Bills

It’s sad how this week is the longest possible point before football that counts. But the good news is we can only get closer unless Doctor Who is a documentary.  Disappointment about Coldplay being connected to America’s sport will fade Continue reading

Pro Bowl, Super Bowl Are Time Killers for Buffalo Bills Fans

Life is uneventful compared to football. I thought sports were supposed to offer life lessons, not vice versa. But the mundane aspect of daily existence prepare us for what’s truly important, namely following men as they chase a ball. Mood Continue reading

Good Versus Evil As Buffalo Bills Battle Irrelevance

The surest way to feel miserable is to measure oneself against what others have. So, let’s wallow in that. Knowing nothing but charlie horses and missed buses leads to resignation about broader subjects. Buffalo Bills fans play alone on the Continue reading

Time for a Fresh Start from Spoiler Buffalo Bills

We knew the result before the score. The official end to the present Buffalo Bills take on disappointment was predictable in an unpleasant way, even though helping the Jets be Jets-like was more fun than expected. At least these players Continue reading

Story Still Hasn’t Changed for Melodramatic Buffalo Bills

There’s one thing worse than falling short in Super Bowls, namely falling short in the chance to fall short in Super Bowls.  The Buffalo Bills now need miracles, plural, to snap a playoff absence that was out of hand when Continue reading

Making a Playoff Appearance Not Enough for Buffalo Bills

An infuriating decision that doomed a competitor to runner-up status distracted from persistent disappointment for a team that again watched.  Seeing cheaters prosper made this another painful Super Bowl for Buffalo Bills fans accustomed to life on the outside.  Watching Continue reading

‘Second to None’ by Joseph Valerio Brings Back Fond Memories of the Super Bowl Bills

Second to None: The Relentless Drive and Impossible Dream of the Super Bowl Bills will be available on Monday, September 1st, but I was lucky enough to get a review copy ahead of time. The story is authored by Joseph Valerio, Continue reading